3D-printable portable open-source platform for low-cost lens-less holographic cellular imaging

  title={3D-printable portable open-source platform for low-cost lens-less holographic cellular imaging},
  author={Stephan Amann and Max von Witzleben and Stefan Breuer},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
Digital holographic microscopy is an emerging, potentially low-cost alternative to conventional light microscopy for micro-object imaging on earth, underwater and in space. Immediate access to micron-scale objects however requires a well-balanced system design and sophisticated reconstruction algorithms, that are commercially available, however not accessible cost-efficiently. Here, we present an open-source implementation of a lens-less digital inline holographic microscope platform, based on… 

Open-source 3D-printed digital inline holographic microscope for low-cost cellular imaging

Two cost-efficient lens-less experimental set-ups comprising of a standard LED or a semiconductor laser light source with a Raspberry Pi Camera for image acquisition are reported on, successfully imaged by an open-source reconstruction software.

Multi-Illumination Single-Holographic-Exposure Lensless Fresnel (MISHELF) Microscopy: Principles and Biomedical Applications

Lensless holographic microscopy (LHM) comes out as a promising label-free technique since it supplies high-quality imaging and adaptive magnification in a lens-free, compact and cost-effective way.

Low-intensity illumination for lensless digital holographic microscopy with minimized sample interaction.

Exposure to laser light alters cell culture examination via optical microscopic imaging techniques based on label-free coherent digital holography. To mitigate this detrimental feature, researchers

Muscope: A miniature on-chip lensless microscope

Muscope, an on-chip microscope, which extends a few mm in each dimension and comprises of an off-the-shelf electronic assembly that functions as a microscopic light source whose position and brightness can be electronically controlled.

Design, Calibration, and Application of a Robust, Cost-Effective, and High-Resolution Lensless Holographic Microscope

A complete analysis of the performance of a compact, reduced cost, and high-resolutionLensless holographic microscope is presented, comparing the experimental results with the expected theoretical values for different layout configurations.

Experimental optimization of lensless digital holographic microscopy with rotating diffuser-based coherent noise reduction.

Laser-based lensless digital holographic microscopy (LDHM) is often spoiled by considerable coherent noise factor. We propose a novel LDHM method with significantly limited coherent artifacts, e.g.,

The Field Guide to 3D Printing in Microscopy

The maker movement has reached the optics labs, empowering researchers to actively create and modify microscope designs and imaging accessories. 3D printing has especially had a disruptive impact on

The Field Guide to 3D Printing in Optical Microscopy for Life Sciences

A review of additive manufacturing applications in optical microscopy for life sciences is presented, guiding the user through this new and exciting technology and providing a starting point to anyone willing to employ this versatile and powerful new tool.

Inkwell: Design and Validation of a Low-Cost Open Electricity-Free 3D Printed Device for Automated Thin Smearing of Whole Blood

Inkwell is a portable mechanical device capable of producing high quality blood smears of tunable cell density with more than 12 million individually distinguishable red blood cells on a single slide that presents an alternative to traditional centralized manufacturing and opens up distributed manufacturing of medical diagnostics in global context.

Evaluating automated reconstruction methods for digital inline holographic images of plankton

Holographic reconstruction algorithms based on wave propagation require the object’s Z-plane location. The location is determined manually by selecting an image from a set of reconstructed images

Compact, cost-effective and field-portable microscope prototype based on MISHELF microscopy

MISHELF microscopy in combination with a novel and fast iterative algorithm allows high-resolution (μm range) phase-retrieved (twin image elimination) quantitative phase imaging of dynamic events (video rate recording speed) and becomes in an alternative instrument improving some capabilities of existing lensless microscopes.

Compact lensless off-axis transmission digital holographic microscope.

A simple compact lensless transmission holographic microscope with an off-axis configuration which simplifies considerably the computational processing to visualize the phase images and opens the possibility of real time phase imaging using off the shelf smart phone processors and less than $3 worth of optics and detectors, suitable for broad educational dissemination.

Maskless imaging of dense samples using pixel super-resolution based multi-height lensfree on-chip microscopy

An on-chip imaging approach based on pixel super-resolution and phase recovery, which iterates among multiple lensfree intensity measurements, each having a slightly different sample-to-sensor distance succeeds in imaging dense Papanicolaou smears and blood samples.

Resolution optimization of an off-axis lensless digital holographic microscope.

This work considers the resolution optimization of a compact off-axis lensless digital holographic microscope that consists of a sample placed between an input point-source pair and a detector array, and suggests that with yet larger detector arrays, a lensless DHM should be capable of near wavelength-scale resolution.

Wide-field computational color imaging using pixel super-resolved on-chip microscopy.

This work introduces and compares the performances of two computational methods based on (1) YUV color space averaging, and (2) Dijkstra's shortest path, both of which eliminate color artifacts in reconstructed images, without compromising the spatial resolution or the wide FOV of lens-free on-chip microscopes.

Lensfree on-chip microscopy over a wide field-of-view using pixel super-resolution

A sub-pixel shifting based super-resolution algorithm is implemented to effectively recover much higher resolution digital holograms of the objects, permitting sub-micron spatial resolution to be achieved across the entire sensor chip active area.

Point Source Digital In-Line Holographic Microscopy

Point source digital in-line holography with numerical reconstruction has been developed into a new microscopy that routinely achieves both lateral and depth resolution at the submi- cron level in 3-D imaging.

Endowing a plain fluidic chip with micro-optics: a holographic microscope slide

A pocket holographic slide is introduced that allows digital holography microscopy to be performed without an interferometer setup, and label-free imaging and quantitative phase contrast mapping of live samples are demonstrated, along with flexible refocusing capabilities.

Resolution enhancement method for lensless in-line holographic microscope with spatially-extended light source.

The hologram forming process is studied and it is shown that the additional deconvolution process besides normal scalar diffraction reconstruction in LIHM can effectively enhance the imaging resolution.