3D echo planar imaging: application to the human head.

  title={3D echo planar imaging: application to the human head.},
  author={Amir M. Abduljalil and Anthony H. Aletras and P. M. Robitaille},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={34 2},
In this work, the authors present 3D images acquired from the human head using echo planar encoding for two of the three dimensions of k-space. The third dimension of k-space is filled by selecting and phase encoding a slab of spins as in conventional 3D steady state (GRASS based) acquisition regimens. Using this approach, a 128 x 64 x 64 3D data matrix could be obtained in 3.4-4.7 sec using effective TE values of 24 and 34 ms, respectively. High quality 3D images could be acquired once phase… CONTINUE READING