3D System-on-Chip technologies for More than Moore systems

  title={3D System-on-Chip technologies for More than Moore systems},
  author={Peter Ramm and Armin Klumpp and Josef Weber and Maaike M. Visser Taklo},
  journal={Microsystem Technologies},
Abstract3D integration is a key solution to the predicted performance problems of future ICs as well as it offers extreme miniaturization and cost-effective fabrication of More than Moore products. Through silicon via (TSV) technologies enable high interconnect performance compared to 3D packaging. At present TSVs are associated with a relatively high fabrication cost, but research world wide strive to bring the cost down to an acceptable level. An example of a 3D System-on-Chip (3D-SOC… 
3D Integration technology: Status and application development
3D integration of multiple MEMS/IC stacks was successfully demonstrated for the fabrication of miniaturized sensor systems (e-CUBES), as for automotive, health & fitness and aeronautic applications.
TSV-based 3D integration fabrication technologies: An overview
  • K. Salah
  • Business
    2014 9th International Design and Test Symposium (IDT)
  • 2014
The goal of this paper is to cover the manufacturability of TSV-based 3D-ICs Le, process technology, and fabrication capability.
3-D Integration and Through-Silicon Vias in MEMS and Microsensors
  • Zheyao Wang
  • Engineering
    Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
  • 2015
After two decades of intensive development, 3-D integration has proven invaluable for allowing integrated circuits to adhere to Moore's Law without needing to continuously shrink feature sizes. The
3-D Integration of MEMS and CMOS Using Electroless Plated Nickel Through-MEMS-Vias
Three-dimensional integration of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and CMOS is able to achieve hetero-integrated microsystems with high performance, small size, low cost, and multiple functions.
Through Silicon Vias With Invar Metal Conductor for High-Temperature Applications
Through silicon vias (TSVs) are key enablers of 3-D integration technologies which, by vertically stacking and interconnecting multiple chips, achieve higher performances, lower power, and a smaller
Minimizing Test Time through Test Flow Optimization in 3 D-SICs by Assmitra Dash
3D stacked ICs (3D-SICs) with multiple dies interconnected by through-silicon-vias (TSVs) are considered as a technology driver and proven to have overwhelming advantages over traditional ICs with a
Analysis and characterization of substrate and connection couplings in 3D circuits : Towards compact models
The objective of this work is to provide consistent modeling via crossing, and / or contacts in the substrate, with various degrees of finesse / precision to allow the high-level designer to manage and especially to optimize the partitioning between the different strata.
The European 3D Technology Platform (e-CUBES)
The European 3D technology platform that has been established represents the ensemble of 3D integration technologies which were developed within the e-CUBES project and aims to provide 3D Integration technologies which on the one hand increase the performance sufficiently and at the same time allow for low cost fabrication in order to achieve products with a large market potential.
Thermal reliability analysis and optimization of polymer insulating through-silicon-vias (TSVs) for 3D integration
Polymer insulating through-silicon-vias (TSVs) is an attractive approach for high-performance 3D integration systems. To further demonstrate the polymer insulating TSVs, this paper investigates the


Through-Silicon via Technology for 3D IC
In this chapter, a classification of 3D technologies is proposed based on the system-level interconnect hierarchy, and different technology options for realising TSV structures are put forth and the main technological challenges discussed.
Miniaturised Sensor Node for Tire Pressure Monitoring (e-CUBES)
Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are beneficial for the environment and road and passenger safety. Miniaturizing the TPMS allows sensing of additional parameters. This paper presents a
Handbook of 3D Integration
3D IC is just one of a host of 3D integration schemes that exploit the z-direction Philip Garrou, Christopher Bower, Peter Ramm: Handbook of 3D Integration. Peter Ramm, Fraunhofer EMFT, defines
Wafer‐Level 3D System Integration
SEMATECH 3-D TSV technology development
  • Proceedings of the international 3D system integration conference
  • 2008