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3D Surface Radiation Dosimetry of a Nuclear-Chicago NH3 Neutron Howitzer

  title={3D Surface Radiation Dosimetry of a Nuclear-Chicago NH3 Neutron Howitzer},
  author={Ahmet Ilker Topuz and Iskender Atilla Reyhancan},
  journal={arXiv: Medical Physics},
The tracking of radiation dose is a fundamental concept for the safe operation of nuclear instruments, and this concept is a multi-task challenge in the case of neutron sources since not only the neutron emissions from the main radioactive source but also the neutron capture gamma-rays as well as the gamma-rays from the inelastic neutron scattering make contribution to the total dose received by the facility personnel. The present study is devoted to the assessment of the equivalent dose rates… 

Neutron spectra and dosimetric assessment around a neutron Howitzer container

To measure the neutron fluence rate spectra around the Howitzer container, measurements were performed using a Bonner spheres spectrometer and the spectra were unfolded using the NSDann program to calculate the ambient dose equivalent rates.

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