3D SLAM in texture-less environments using rank order statistics

  title={3D SLAM in texture-less environments using rank order statistics},
  author={Khalid Yousif and Alireza Bab-Hadiashar and Reza Hoseinnezhad},
  pages={809 - 831}
SUMMARY We present a real time 3D SLAM system for texture-less scenes using only depth information provided by a low cost RGB-D sensor. The proposed method is based on a novel informative sampling scheme that extracts points carrying the most useful 3D information for registration. The aim of the proposed sampling technique is to informatively sample a point cloud into a subset of points based on their 3D information. The flatness of a point is measured by applying a rank order statistics based… 
ROS2D: Image feature detector using rank order statistics
This work presents a new image feature detection method that selects features based on segmenting points with high local intensity variations across different scales using a robust rank order statistics approach and shows the advantages of the feature in comparison to other existing features using the Oxford dataset.
An Overview to Visual Odometry and Visual SLAM: Applications to Mobile Robotics
The fundamentals of robot navigation requirements are discussed, and the state of the art techniques that form the bases of established solutions for mobile robots localization and mapping are reviewed.
Multifeature Image Indexing for Robot Localization in Textureless Environments
This work proposes a method that can localize robots in textureless environments by using Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Speeded Up Robust Feature (SURF) descriptors together with Depth information to form a Depth-HOG-SurF multifeature descriptor, which is later used for image matching.
3D simultaneous localization and mapping in texture-less and structure-less environments using rank order statistics
The area of mobile robotics has attracted substantial attention from researchers around the globe, and nowadays, mobile robots have become widely available, such as robotic vacuu.


Real-time RGB-D registration and mapping in texture-less environments using ranked order statistics
A real time 3D SLAM system for texture-less scenes using only the depth information provided by a low cost RGB-D sensor is presented, based on a novel informative sampling scheme that outperforms the state of the art registration algorithms in terms of accuracy and efficiency.
A robust RGB-D SLAM algorithm
A switching based algorithm is proposed to heuristically choose between RGB-BA and RGBD-BA based local maps building and a low cost and consistent optimisation approach is used to join these maps.
3D Registration in Dark Environments Using RGB-D Cameras
A real-time Visual Odometry (VO) system that concatenates the estimated camera transformations between sequential frames and obtains a global camera pose estimate with respect to a fixed reference frame that outperforms the state-of-the-art methods in both lit and dark environments.
Real-time dense appearance-based SLAM for RGB-D sensors
In this work a direct dense approach is proposed for real-time RGB-D localisation and tracking such that an error is based directly on the intensity of pixels so that no feature extraction and matching are required.
A comparative evaluation of 3D keypoint detectors in a RGB-D Object Dataset
This paper proposes to do a description and evaluation of existing keypoint detectors in a public available point cloud library with real objects and performs a comparative evaluation on 3D point clouds, and evaluates the invariance of the 3D key point detectors according to rotations, scale changes and translations.
Dense visual SLAM for RGB-D cameras
This paper proposes a dense visual SLAM method for RGB-D cameras that minimizes both the photometric and the depth error over all pixels, and proposes an entropy-based similarity measure for keyframe selection and loop closure detection.
An evaluation of the RGB-D SLAM system
We present an approach to simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for RGB-D cameras like the Microsoft Kinect. Our system concurrently estimates the trajectory of a hand-held Kinect and
Real-Time 3D Reconstruction in Dynamic Scenes Using Point-Based Fusion
A new system for real-time dense reconstruction with equivalent quality to existing online methods, but with support for additional spatial scale and robustness in dynamic scenes, designed around a simple and flat point-Based representation.
A Comparative Evaluation of 3 D Keypoint Detectors
A comparative assessment to verify the invariance of the 3D keypoint detectors according to different rotations, scales changes and translations is made and the robustness of the keypoint detector with respect to changes in point-of-view is evaluated.
3-D Mapping With an RGB-D Camera
A novel mapping system that robustly generates highly accurate 3-D maps using an RGB-D camera that applies to small domestic robots such as vacuum cleaners, as well as flying robotssuch as quadrocopters.