3D-HEVC extension for circular camera arrangements

  title={3D-HEVC extension for circular camera arrangements},
  author={Jakub Stankowski and Lukasz Kowalski and Jarosx0142aw Samelak and Marek Domanski and Tomasz Grajek and Krzysztof Wegner},
  journal={2015 3DTV-Conference: The True Vision - Capture, Transmission and Display of 3D Video (3DTV-CON)},
The paper presents an extension of 3D-HEVC for the circular camera arrangements. It generalizes the derivation of the disparity vectors from depth data for sequences captured using cameras located on an arc. The general equation for disparity calculations has been implemented instead of the simplified equation used in 3D-HEVC. Experiments have been performed on widely recognized multiview test sequences with both circular and linear camera arrangements. In the case of sequences obtained using… CONTINUE READING