39th Annual European Brain and Behaviour Society Abstracts

  title={39th Annual European Brain and Behaviour Society Abstracts},
  author={Edited by Alessandro Treves and P. Battaglini and L. Chelazzi and M. Diamond and G. Vallortigara and S. Tonegawa and M. Abeles and B. Everitt and F. Vargha-Khadem and J. Bachevalier and P. Maquet and Brain and Behaviour Stress and E. Fuchs and C. Pryce and L. Nadel and S. Hoscheidt and E. Jackson and J. D. Payne and J. Deakin and I. Anderson and K. J. Lythe and M. Palm and R. Elliott and P. Dayan and J. Kim and T. J. Yoon and H. T. Blair and G. Fl{\"u}gge and N. Abumaria and S. Dalm and V. Brinks and F. Thomson and M. Craighead and H. Marston and C. Macsweeney and S. Napier and T. van Groen and E. Maguire and L. Fattore and M. Spano and P. Fadda and Walter Fratta and A. Horti and H. Fan and H. Ravert and D. Holt and J. Hilton and A. Kumar and M. Alexander and A. Rahmim and A. F. Hoffman and C. Lupica and H. Kuwabara and D. Wong and R. Dannals and R. Hampson and O. G{\"u}nt{\"u}rk{\"u}n and L. Lefebvre and T. Matsushima and M. Seassau and R. Levy and P. Gisquet-Verrier and R. Dolan and A. Anderson and R. Vogels and J. DiCarlo and E. Rolls and Laurenz Wiskott and M. Franzius and H. Sprekeler and J. Bock and K. Braun and P. Hueppi and J. O'Doherty and A. Bechara and M. Roesch and C. Padoa-Schioppa and M. Good and M. Eacott and A. Heidi and S. Terje and T. Sagvolden and S. Faraone and F. Middleton and Tania Dastc and K. Rubia and A. B. Smith and R. Halari and R. Oades and M. Fyhn and T. Hafting and V. Hok and P. Lenck-Santini and A. Cheung and Z. Moln{\'a}r and P. Grimaldi and A. Coiffic and A. Belmer and M. Wassef and F. Rossi and M. Braga and G. Pinna and M. A. Garc{\'i}a-Cabezas and B. Rico and P. Mart{\'i}nez-S{\'a}nchez and M. Garz{\'o}n and A. Grace and S. Floresco and Y. Goto and D. Lodge and A. R. West and J. A. Beso and O. Hornykiewicz and M. M. Murray and N. Holmes and U. Noppeney and C. Kayser and J. Mour{\~a}o-Miranda and N. Weiskopf and A. Wr{\'o}bel and W. Bogdan and M. Bekisz and J. Smyda and P. Berkes and R. Turner and M. Sahani and C. Latini and J. M. Abolafia and M. Arnold and R. Vergara and G. Garbin and L. Frassine and V. Truppa and E. Mascalzoni and R. Reig and C. Cappe and G. Loquet and P. Barone and E. Rouiller and P. Busan and F. Monti and M. Semenic and L. Falciati and T. Gianesini and C. Maioli and D. Bertogna and R. Budai and R. Blanco and D. Bensoltana and M. Valverde and V. Braitenberg and G. Papp and J. Brotons-Mas and N. Montejo and T. Gener and Maria V. Sanchez-Vives and A. Akrami and Y. Liu and B. Jagadeesh and F. Foti and D. Cutuli and L. Mandolesi and P. Itskov and I. Amrein and D. Dechmann and I. Drescher and G. Tuboly and G. Horv{\'a}th and G. Benedek and C. Koros and D. Klement and K. Blahna and B. Karel and O. Barbora and K. Daniel and D. Ribes and M. Zerwas and T. Escud{\'e} and H. Halley and R. Gerardy-Schahn and S. Trouche and C. Guissard and C. Rampon and S. Fuentes and M. Colomina and P. Vicens and J. Domingo and M. Dimitropoulou and M. M. Albasser and S. Vann and A. Alvernhe and R. Avni and D. Eilam and G. Barker and E. Warburton and S. Bartko and F. Battaglia and M. Khamassi and A. Peyrache and V. Douchamps and P. Tierney and S. Wiener and N. B. Ben Abdallah and R. Filipkowski and P. Jahołkowski and L. Kaczmarek and E. Blanco and R. Miranda and A. Begega and L. Sant{\'i}n and E. Cerasti and V. Bianchi and D. Toniolo and J. Daisley and O. Rosa-Salva and D. Derdikman and A. Tsao and M. Moser and E. Moser and T. Pecchia and C. Castella and A. Della Chiesa and M. Wolff and S. J. Gibb and J. Dalrymple-Alford and N. Boix-Trelis and I. Villarejo-Rodr{\'i}guez and G. Guillazo-Blanch and A. Vale-Martı́nez and A. Carballo-M{\'a}rquez and M. Quiroz-Padilla and M. Mart{\'i}-Nicolovius and S. Garc{\'i}a-Capdevila and P. Jurado-Berbel and M. Torras-Garcia and D. Costa-Miserachs and M. Coll-Andreu and I. Portell-Cort{\'e}s and J. Ruiz-Medina and I. Morgado-Bernal and D. Redolar-Ripoll and L. Aldavert-Vera and P. Segura-Torres and G. Huguet and L. Aldavert and E. K{\'a}d{\'a}r and S. Pe{\~n}a and I. Morgado and P. Segura and Y. Roudi and L. E. Peter and C. Oualian and A. Diamantopoulou and T. Panagiotaropoulos and E. Karantoni and E. Coutureau and G. Di Scala and A. Marchand and A. E. Fitchett and M. Jim{\'e}nez and L. Webster and A. Easton and F. C{\'e}line and P. Geraldine and G. Emilie and M. Jean and R.-R. Laure and Y. Yamaguti and S. Kuroda and I. Tsuda and Y. Fukushima and M. Tsukada and L. Gelazonia and L. Chilachava and N. Melia and N. Japaridze and Dashniani and M. Zhvania and D. N. George and A. Duffaud and J. Haddon and D. Harvey and K. John and D. Mairead and H. Deirdre and K. Elizabeth and M. Vanessa and C. Sean and E. Wietzikoski and S. Wietzikoski and M. C. H. Silva and M. Ferro and J. C. Pedrozo and N. S. Canteras and C. Da Cunha and P. Lavenex and P. Banta Lavenex and D. Amaral and H. Malkki and S. E. Schumann and R. Joosten and C. Pennartz and A. Marzo and P. Vanhoutte and J. Caboche and S. Otani and S. Middei and C. Pittenger and A. Reynolds and G. Poirier and E. Amin and J. Aggleton and H. J. Pothuizen Helen and Davies Moira and D. Vann Seralynne and R. Rugani and S. Renaudineau and S. Rhodes and R. C. Honey and S. Killcross and O. Rosa Salva and C. Romor and D. Saraulli and M. Aceti and C. Rossi-Arnaud and M. Costanzi and V. Cestari and L. Schwabe and H. Sch{\"a}chinger and M. Oitzl and G. Stancher and L. Regolin and R. Suge and N. Hosoe and M. Furube and T. Yamamoto and A. Hirayama and S. Hirano and M. Nomura and J. Svoboda and P. Telensk{\'y} and T. Van Cauter and B. Poucet and E. Save and G. Vetere and L. Restivo and B. Bontempi and G. Zach{\'a}r and A. K{\'e}kesi and G. Juh{\'a}sz and P. Kabai and A. Csillag and S. Drorit and B. Inbar and V. Daelli and N. van Rijsbergen and N. Furl and L. Delaney and K. Denny and J. L. Moore and C. Rawdon and R. Roche and P. Scanlon and J. Murphy and C. Wynne and S. Commins and H. Rey and D. Gutnisky and B. S. Zanutto and V. A. Sovrano and E. Kropff and A. Treves and S. Forwood and L. Saksida and T. Bussey and C. Giorgio and N. Rosemarie and R. Freunberger and Y. H{\"o}ller and B. Griesmayr and P. Sauseng and W. Gruber and W. Klimesch and M. Garagnani and T. Wennekers and F. Pulverm{\"u}ller and T. Atsuko and I. L. Nieuwenhuis and R. Mark and M. Karl and J. Ole and F. Guill{\'e}n and A. Takashima and G. Fern{\'a}ndez and O. Jensen and D. Eve and W. Taylor and D. Matthew and C. Frederick and V. Rossi and A. Gr{\"u}ning and M. Vukovic and J. Vuksanovi{\'c} and I. Vukovic and K. Vlček and J. Lacz{\'o} and O. Vajnerov{\'a} and M. Ort and M. Vyhn{\'a}lek and J. Hort and L. Ticini and M. Fruhmann Berger and L. Johannsen and D. Broetz and U. Klose and H. Karnath and E. Lyros and L. Messinis and P. Papathanasopoulos and L. Aimola and I. Schindler and A. Venneri and M. Del Zotto and R. Adorni and A. Zani and A. Proverbio and J. {\"O}zyurt and A. Anschuetz and S. Puschmann and B. Moschner and C. Thiel and J. Freeman and J. Mitchell and J. Uleman and E. Phelps and D. Schiller and S. Clausi and M. Bozzali and G. Hagberg and M. di Paola and M. Molinari and G. Demeter and M. Racsm{\'a}ny and K. Csig{\'o} and A. Hars{\'a}nyi and E. H. Quik and E. B. Conemans and G. Valk and L. J. Kenemans and H. Koppeschaar and S. van Dam and E. Vinnik and M. Nespor and M. Nesa and G. Geminiani and P. P{\'e}ruch and G. Cooray and L. Maurex and T. Brismar and C. Eisenegger and V. Treyer and D. Knoch and E. Fehr and S. Reppermund and M. Ising and S. Lucae and J. Zihl and K. Igloi and M. Zaoui and A. Berthoz and L. Rondi-Reig and C. Agrillo and M. Dadda and G. Serena and Arianna Bisazza and C. Thinus-Blanc and E. Barbeau and C. Li{\'e}geois-Chauvel and P. Marquis and P. Chauvel and J. R{\'e}gis and M. M{\'e}ndez and M. M{\'e}ndez-L{\'o}pez and L. L{\'o}pez and M. Aller and J. Arias and M. Lelos and D. L{\'o}pez-Barroso and C. Pedraza and E. Castilla-Ortega and J. S{\'a}nchez-L{\'o}pez and E. Matas-Ricom and J. Chun and F. Rodr{\'i}guez de Fonseca and G. Estivill-Torr{\'u}s and G. Niewiadomska and M. Mazurkiewicz and A. Mietelska and E. Nosecka and M. Baksalerska-Pazera and D. Nitz and S. Bickel and A. Sieber and D. Vyssotski and D. Umbricht and D. Balschun and H. Lipp and D. Wolfer and S. Pietropaolo and F. LaFerla and I. Knuesel and J. Feldon and B. Yee and E. Moscardo and A. Giarola and N. Fasdelli and M. Tontodonati and R. Dorigatti and O. Cauli and N. Elmlili and M. Llansola and V. Felipo and T. Schneider and R. Przewłocki and E. Saralidze and L. Khuchua and T. Ioseliani and S. Barak and I. Weiner and V. D. Z. Ceem and K. Arthur and V. B. Jhlm and R. Muffatti and R. Cordella and O. Gambini and G. Messina and S. Scarone and A. Franzini and M. Savino and G. Broggi and L. Gim{\'e}nez-Llort and G. Bl{\'a}zquez and T. Canete and B. Johansson and A. Tobe{\~n}a and A. Fern{\'a}ndez-Teruel and L. Gime{\'e}nez-Llort and V. Ghiglieri and B. Picconi and V. Bagetta and V. Paill{\'e} and P. Calabresi and O. Masalova and M. Sanchez-Gonzalez and C. Cavada and P. De Bartolo and F. Gelfo and L. Petrosini and M. Leggio and I. Boksha and L. Bonsignore and N. Francia and F. Capone and L. Aloe and S. Suomi and K. Mathe and M. Katona and A. Czurk{\'o} and I. Szab{\'o} and H. Shin and C. Kim and D. Jeon and Y. Kim and C. Lee and U. Oh and H. Kim and M. Vlassi and A. Tzanou and G. Kiosterakis and A. Stamatakis and F. Stylianopoulou and S. Kamran and N.-W. Frieder and W. Hans and L. Hans-Peter and M. J. Galsworthy and A. Rau and F. Neuhaeusser-Wespy and A. Vyssotski and C. Blanchard and R. Blanchard and K. L{\'a}szl{\'o} and E. Kertes and K. Ol{\'a}h-V{\'a}rady and R. B{\'a}rdosi and G. Luksys and J. Delile and D. Sheynikhovich and W. Gerstner and Y. Sevelinges and P. Holman and B. Messaoudi and R. M. Sullivan and A. Mouly and A. Berry and M. Giorgio and P. Pelicci and E. D. de Kloet and L. Minghetti and F. Cirulli and S. Parrot and Sevelinges and B. Ferry and L. Estrade and R. Gervais and S. Kanai and M. Nakano and D. Tanaka and A. Misonoo and K. Osada and M. Asakura and D. Harrouz and Z. Birem and N. Kaouane and L. Calandreau and F. Esclassan and S. Tronel and N. Mons and R. Jaffard and D. Abrous and P. Piazza and A. Desmedt and R. Jofra Hern{\'a}ndez and P. D'Adamo and A. Aiuti and I. Labadze and T. Domianidze and T. Matitaishvili and A. Cervera-Ferri and A. Ruiz-Torner and A. Valverde-Navarro and A. Nunez and F. Olucha-Bordonau and V. Teruel and N. Daskalakis and K. Anastasopoulos and S. Bezati and M. Kaperoni and B. Salehi and M. Cordero and I. Kogan and J. R. Bergado Acosta and K. Obata and H. Pape and O. Stork and C. I. Navarro-Franc{\'e}s and M. Maroun and I. Akirav and U. Clark and A. Cronin-Golomb and E. Dmitrieva and V. Gelman and K. Zaitseva and A. Orlov and R. Duncko and B. Cornwell and L. Johnson and K. Merikangas and C. Grillon and A. Salomons and S. Arndt and F. Ohl and H. Beldjoud and H. Zerroug and B. Asselah and A. Abdelmalek and Y. Ilin and M. Baiano and M. Balestrieri and M. Maieron and L. Perini and R. Zuliani and C. Rossana and C. Giuseppe and C. Zuiani and M. Bazzocchi and B. Francesco and S. Michela and P. Brambilla and H. Olivia and M. Simone and C. Nicola and H. Sue and M. C. Carvalho and S. Masson and M. Brand{\~a}o and J. Fedotova and S. Barabanova and C. Storch and J. Castro and Emilio Varea and C. Sandi and R. K. Schwarting and C. Natusch and M. W{\"o}hr and A. Van Hemelrijck and C. Nolten and A. Shand-Davies and T. Steckler and W. Drinkenburg and M. Schweizer and M. Henniger and F. Schleicher and T. Pohl and M. B. M{\"u}ller and I. Sillaber and M. Tamietto and L. Castelli and S. Vighetti and L. Latini Corazzini and L. Weiskrantz and B. de Gelder and H. Saint-Dizier and C. Leterrier and F. L{\'e}vy and S. Richard and L. Ruocco and D. Vallone and D. Viggiano and U. A. Gironi Carnevale and A. Sadile and A. Valls-Rios and A. Puigcerver and M. Arenas and A. Gasbarri and B. Arnone and A. Pompili and P. Di Fabrizio and C. Marini and A. Cifariello and C. M. Tavares and C. Tomaz and T. B. Franklin and H. Russig and J. Graeff and I. Mansuy and A. Amador-Arjona and X. Gallego and X. Belda and R. Delgado and M. Keck and A. Armario and M. Dierssen and S. Jacobson-Pick and K. Rosenblum and G. Richter-Levin and Harouz and B. Asselahi and S. Fujii and E. Levay and A. Govic and A. Hazi and J. Penman and A. Paolini and S. Kent and C. Agust{\'i}n-Pav{\'o}n and J. Mart{\'i}nez-Ric{\'o}s and I. Khani and C. Zsuzsanna and M. Diederik and B. Detlef and D. Rudi and L. G. H{\'a}rsing and I. Bardou and J. Leprince and R. Chichery and E. Maubert and H. Vaudry and V. Agin and {\"O}. D. Can and {\"U}. Demir and F. Mor and N. Franco-Ponsa and M. Torrente and J. Tomas and E. Vilella and M. Kroplewski and P. Matulewicz and E. Jurkowlaniec and A. N. Nielsen and Y. {\"O}zt{\"u}rk and D. Can and N. Bektaş and M. Dosi and O. Chouliara and R. Liasko and C. Psarropoulou and K. Antonio and G. Rentesi and K. Antoniou and M. Marselos and M. Syrrou and M. Konstanti and O. Y. Vekovischeva and E. Verbitskaya and S. Mansikkamaki and E. Korpi and H. Schicknick and K. Smalla and H. Scheich and E. Gundelfinger and W. Tischmeyer and V. Klenerova and S. Hynie and K. M{\'o}ricz and G. Gigler and M. Agoston and A. Sim{\'o} and G. Kapus and M. Vegh and S. Kert{\'e}sz and G. L{\'e}vay and G. Sz{\'e}n{\'a}si and I. Gacs{\'a}lyi and S. Sch{\"a}ble and E. Dere and J. Huston and M. de Souza Silva and M. Rivalan and T. Guegan and S. Ahmed and F. Dellu-Hagedorn and A. M. Alc{\'a}ntara and M. Pr{\'i}ncep and C. P{\'e}rez and J. Terencio and E. M{\'e}ndez and I. Buira and L. Anglada and A. Palomer and A. Guglietta and L. Robinson and S. McKillop-Smith and M. Steiner and G. Astarita and V. Vialou and A. Graham and F. Holsboer and D. Piomelli and B. Lutz and C. Wotjak and E. Nestler and E. Shanks and A. Kulla and M. Tricklebank and D. Boguslavsky and R. G{\'a}losi and G. Hartmann and Z. Petyk{\'o} and A. T{\'o}th and K. Turlejski and M. Grabiec and R. Djavadian and V. Boulougouris and T. Robbins and R. Langston and E. Wood and A. Quercia and G. Mascetti and A. Trabalza and C. Sgobio and M. Ammassari-Teule and A. Bevilacqua and N. Conejo and H. Gonz{\'a}lez-Pardo and G. Lana and T. Kobilo and S. Hazvi and Y. Dudai and J. Martinez-Hernandez and E. Lanuza and F. Mart{\'i}nez-Garc{\'i}a and S. Barlow and B. Fahey and D. Kelleher and A. O’Dwyer and S. O’Mara and C. Mariottini and E. Baldi and C. Bucherelli and J. P. Redrobe and D. Peters and G. Olsen and A. T. McGauran and L. Moul{\'e}dous and B. Franc{\'e}s and P. Roullet and S. Deiana and C. Harrington and G. Riedel and P. Slavinka and C. Laura and T. Mark and K. Eric and D. Sophie and L. Eli and W. M. Co Erl and R. Sunninghill and S. Windlesham and K. T{\'o}th and E. Luk{\'a}cs and L. Lenard and A. Stuchlik and D. Cinkova and L. Řez{\'a}{\vc}ov{\'a} and L. Rehakova and V. Helesic and V. Vale{\vs}ov{\'a} and J. Bure{\vs} and K. Vale{\vs} and E. V. van Wingerden and I. Rebelo Ferreira and J. C. Talpos and B. Winters and R. Dias and A. Zlomuzica and M. Akhavan and M. Emami-Abarghoie and A. Vafaei and B. Sadighi-Moghaddam and K. Abrari and A. Rashidy-pour and C. Nelini and D. Bobbo and C. Chiandetti and J. Brauer and A. Friederici and L. Bardi and E. Di Giorgio and H. Bulf and F. Simion and E. Castro-Sierra and C. Arteaga and M. G{\'o}mez‐Gama and A. Poblano and A. Portugal-Rivera and M. Zenker and G. Mento and A. Suppiej and P. Bisiacchi and H. {\'A}brah{\'a}m and B. Veszpr{\'e}mi and {\'E}. G{\"o}m{\"o}ri and K. Kov{\'a}cs and A. Kravj{\'a}k and L. Seress and I. D’Andrea and E. Alleva and I. Branchi and G. Boukouvalas and E. Papalexi and G. Soulis and C. Kittas and E. Kitraki and P. Nolin and P. Muzzi and W. Kilb and S. Kodirov and M. Bossi and M. Mirabelli and A. Gilardini and M. Amedeo and G. Tredici and H. Luhmann and A. Vercelli and W. Shi and U. Singh and Y. Yu and F. Jens and A. Orth and K. Broad and E. Keverne and R. Fundele},
  journal={Neural Plasticity},
The EUROPEAN BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR SOCIETY has held its 39th Annual General Meeting in Trieste, in the campus next to the Miramare castle and its park, co-hosted by SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies, and ICTP, the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. Alessandro Treves (SISSA) was the head and inspiration of the Local Organizing committee, supported by P. Battaglini, L. Chelazzi, M. Diamond and G. Vallortigara. All approaches relating brain and behaviour… Expand
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