36. Proximal-selektive Vagotomie


In the treatment of peptic gastroduodenal ulcers the modified vagomotor electrotest according to Burge has yielded remarkably good results as an intraoperative test for the completeneB of proximal selective vagotomy (PSV). The test is as useful for the surgeon in training as for the expert in vagotomy. Moreover the clinical value of the test is demonstrated… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01305476


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@article{Jacobs200536PV, title={36. Proximal-selektive Vagotomie}, author={G. Jacobs and Hubert Baumgartner and Gernot Feifel and Sara Martinoli}, journal={Langenbecks Archiv f{\"{u}r Chirurgie}, year={2005}, volume={345}, pages={217-222} }