34 self-inflicted foreign bodies in the maxillary sinus.

  title={34 self-inflicted foreign bodies in the maxillary sinus.},
  author={M{\'a}rcio Meira Lima and Camila Alencar Moreira and Viviane Carvalho da Silva and Marcos Rabelo de Freitas},
  journal={Brazilian journal of otorhinolaryngology},
  volume={74 6},
Foreign bodies (FB) are a common occurrence in the realm of ENT practice. The most commonly involved sites are nasal cavities, ears, and pharynx. Foreign bodies are accompanied by site-related symptoms and do not pose much of a challenge to well-trained physicians. Foreign bodies may be introduced willingly by the patient or by accident. Paranasal sinus foreign bodies are rarely seen, and most of them are introduced accidentally (25%) or iatrogenically (60%). The latter may occur as a… CONTINUE READING

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