34-fs, all-fiber all-polarization-maintaining single-mode pulse nonlinear amplifier.

  title={34-fs, all-fiber all-polarization-maintaining single-mode pulse nonlinear amplifier.},
  author={Jia Yu and Ye Feng and Yajun Cai and Xiaohui Li and Xiaohong Hu and Wei Zhang and Lina Duan and Zhi Yang and Yishan Wang and Yuanshan Liu and Wei Zhao},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={24 15},
We present an all-fiber all-polarization-maintaining (PM) single mode (SM) fiber pulse nonlinear amplification system. The seed laser with a repetition rate of 200 MHz is amplified by two-section erbium-doped PM gain fibers with different peak-absorption rate. The amplified pulse duration can be compressed into 34-fs with 320-mW output power, which corresponds to 1.6-nJ pulse energy and approximate 23.5-kW peak power. In addition, the amplified and compressed pulse is further coupled into the… CONTINUE READING

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