31st Annual Meeting and Associated Programs of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC 2016): late breaking abstracts

  title={31st Annual Meeting and Associated Programs of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC 2016): late breaking abstracts},
  author={Sonja Althammer and Keith Steele and Marlon Rebelatto and Tze Heng Tan and Tobias Wiestler and G{\"u}nter Schmidt and Brandon W Higgs and Xia Li and Li-feng Shi and Xiaoping Jin and Joyce M. Antal and Ashok Gupta and Koustubh Ranade and Gerd K. Binning and Joaquim Bellmunt and Ronald de Wit and David J. Vaughn and Y. F. Fradet and Jae-lyun Lee and Lawrence Fong and Nicholas John Vogelzang and Mar{\'i}a Asunci{\'o}n Pastor Climent and Daniel Peter Petrylak and Toni K Choueiri and Andrea Necchi and Winald R. Gerritsen and Howard Gurney and David I Quinn and St{\'e}phane Culine and Cora N Sternberg and Yabing Mai and Markus Puhlmann and Rodolfo F. Perini and Dean F Bajorin and P Sharma and Margaret K. Callahan and Elisabetta Calvo and Joseph William Kim and Filipo de Braud and Patrick Alexander Ott and Petri Bono and Rathi N. Pillai and Michael S. Morse and Dung T Le and Myself I Taylor and Pavlina Spilliopoulou and Johanna C. Bendell and Dirk Jaeger and Esther Chan and Scott J. Antonia and Delphine Hennicken and Marina Tschaika and Alex Azrilevich and J Rosenberg and Ofer Levy and Christopher Chan and Gady Cojocaru and Shan-shan Liang and Eran Ophir and S Ganguly and Amir Toporik and Maya Kotturi and Tal Fridman Kfir and Benjamin M. Murter and Kathryn A Logronio and Liat Dassa and Laurence Leung and Shirley Greenwald and Meir Azulay and Sandeep Kumar and Zoya Alteber and Xiaoyu Pan and Arthur Machlenkin and Yair Benita and Andrew W. Drake and Ayelet Chajut and Ran Salomon and Ilan Vankin and Einav Safyon and J. Beatty Hunter and Zurit Levine and Marie Boursiquot White and Hyunseok Kang and R. Haddad and Neil Howard Segal and Lori J Wirth and Robert L. Ferris and Frank Stephen Hodi and Thomas F Gajewski and William Howard Sharfman and Dan McDonald and Shivani Srivastava and Xuemin Gu and Peter Phillips and Chaitali Passey and Tanguy Y. Seiwert and Tsadik Ghebreamlak Habtetsion and Gang Zhou and Donastas Sakellariou-Thompson and Cara Haymaker and Caitlin Creasy and Mark W Hurd and Naohiro Uraoka and Jaime Rodriguez Canales and Scott Koptez and Patrick Hwu and Anirban Maitra and Chantale Bernatchez and Scott M. Coyle and Kole T. Roybel and Levi J. Rupp and Stephen P. Santoro and S Secrest and Michael J. Spelman and Hanson Ho and Tiago Manuel Ribeiro Gomes and Tiffany F. Tse and Chia Yung-Wu and Jack Taunton and Wendell Lim and Peter C. R. Emtage and David Page and Bryan M. Bell and Ashish Anilbhai Patel and Tove Olafsen and Daulet Satpayev and Michael Torgov and Filippo Marchioni and Jason Romero and Ziyue Karen Jiang and Charles Zamilpa and Jennifer S. Keppler and Alessandro Mascioni and Fang Jia and Cynthia Dawn Lee and Jean M. Gudas and Ryan J. Sullivan and Yujin Hoshida and Theodore Logan and Nikhil I. Khushalani and Anita Giobbie-Hurder and Kim A Margolin and Joanna Roder and Rupal B Bhatt and Henry Koon and Thomas Olencki and Thomas E. Hutson and Shauna M. Blackmon and James Walter Mier and Heinrich Roder and John Stewart and Asim Amin and Marc S. Ernstoff and Joseph I Clark and Michael B. Atkins and Jeffrey A. Sosman and Sabina Signoretti and Daneen Mcdermott and Abraham Antonio Anderson and Igor J. Puzanov and Mohammed Milhem and David Minor and Kevin S. Gorski and Daniel M. Baker and Omid A. Hamid and Emmanuel T. Akporiaye and Brendan D. Curti and Rom Leidner and Kim Sutcliffe and Kristie Conder and Thomas U. Marron and Nina Bhardwaj and Linda Hammerich and Frauendiener George and Seunghee Kim-Schulze and Tibor Keler and Tom Davis and Elizabeth Ann Crowley and Alejandro Salazar and J. Brody and Arta Monir Monjazeb and Megan Eileen Daly and Jonathan Riess and William Joseph Murphy and Karen Kelly and Zhiwei Hu and Rulong Shen and Amanda Love Campbell and Elizabeth L McMichael and Lianbo Yu and Bhuvaneswari Ramaswam and Cheryl A London and Tongtong Xu and William Nathaniel Carson and Kathleen M Kokolus and Elizabeth A. Repasky and Todd D Schell and Joseph D. Drabick and David J. Messenheimer and Signe Hannibal Jensen and K. Lind and Agnes Choppin and Marina K. Roell and John M Wrangle and Kristina Andrijauskaite and Marzena Swiderska-syn and Peter R. Rhode and Hing Wong and Mark E. Rubinstein and Shamim Ahmad and Mason Webb and Rasha Abu-Eid and Rajeev K. Shrimali and Vivek Verma and Atbin Doroodchi and Zuzana Berrong and David A. Yashar and Raed Samara and Mikayel Mkrtichyan and Samir N. Khleif and Steven D. Powell and Mark Gitau and Christopher Joseph Sumey and Andrew Terrell and Michele M Lohr and Ryan Kenneth Nowak and Steven D McGraw and Alan G. Jensen and Margaret R. Blanchard and Kathryn A Gold and Ezra E. W. Cohen and Christie Ellison and Lora Black and Yong Joo Lee and William C Spanos and Erik Wennerberg and Emily Schwitzer and Claire Lhuillier and Graeme J. Koelwyn and Rebecca L. Hiner and Lee Jones and Vandeveer Amanda and John W. Greiner and Jeffrey Schlom and Michelle L. Bookstaver and Christopher M Jewell and Christopher C. Paustian and Andrew Gunderson and Brian C. Boulmay and Runqian Li and Bradley M Spieler and Kyle I. Happel and Tarsem L. Moudgil and Zipei Feng and Christopher Dubay and Brenda Fisher and Yoshinobu Koguchi and Sandra Aung and Eileen Mederos and Michael Mcnamara and Keith S. Bahjat and William L Redmond and Augusto Ochoa and Adi Mehta and Fridtjof Lund-Johansen and Walter J. Urba and Rachel E Sanborn and Traci Hilton and Frank Bedu-Addo and Greg Conn and Michael King and Panna Dutta and Robert K. Shepard and M Heather Einstein and Sylvia Adams and Ena Wang and Peifeng Jin and Yelena Novik and Debra Morrison and Ruth Oratz and Franco M. Marincola and David F Stroncek and Judith Goldberg and Sandra Demaria and Silvia C Formenti and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Galon and Bernhard Mlecnik and Florence Marliot and Fang-Shu Ou and Alessandro Lugli and Inti Zlobec and Tilman Rau and Iris Nagtegaal and Elisa Vink-Borger and Arndt Hartmann and Carol Geppert and Michael H. A. Roehrl and Prashant Bavi and Pamela S Ohashi and Jing Yuan Rebecca Wang and Linh T Nguyen and Su Cheon Han and Heather L MacGregor and Sara Hafezi-Bakhtiari and Bradley G. Wouters and Yutaka Kawakami and Boryana Papivanova and Mengmeng Xu and Tomonobu Fujita and Shoichi Hazama and Nobuaki Suzuki and Hiroaki Nagano and Kiyotaka Okuno and Kyogo Itoh and Eva Zavadova and Michal Vocka and Jan {\vS}pa{\vc}ek and Lubos B Petruzelka and Bohuslav Konopasek and Pavel Dundr and Helena Sk{\'a}lov{\'a} and Toshihiko Torigoe and Noriyuki Sato and Tomohisa Furuhata and Ichiro Takemasa and Marc Van den Eynde and Anne Jouret-Mourin and Jean-Pascal Machiels and Tessa Fredriksen and Lucie Lafontaine and B{\'e}n{\'e}dicte Buttard and Sarah Church and Pauline Maby and Helen Angell and Mihaela Angelova and Angela Vasaturo and Gabriela Bindea and Anne Emanuelle Berger and Christine Lagorce and Priti. A. Patel and Hemangini Hasit Vora and Biren. N. Shah and Jayendrakumar B Patel and Kruti N. Rajvik and Shashank J. Pandya and Shilin Nandubhai Shukla and Yinsheng Wang and Guanjun Zhang and Giuseppe V Masucci and Emilia K. Andersson and Fabio Grizzi and Luigi Laghi and Gerardo Botti and Fabiana Tatangelo and Paolo Delrio and Gennaro Cilberto and Paolo Antonio Ascierto and Daniel J. Sargent and Bernard A Fox and Alain P Algazi and Kuan Chen Tsai and Michael F. Rosenblum and Prachi Nandoskar and Robert Hans Ingemar Andtbacka and Aihua Li and John Nonomura and Kathryn Toshimi Takamura and Mary B. Dwyer and Erica Browning and Reneta Talia and Chris Twitty and Sharron Gargosky and Amanda Campbell and Carmen Ballesteros-Merino and Carlo B. Bifulco and Michelle Le and Robert H Pierce and Abd. Razak Daud and Robyn Denise Gartrell and Douglas Marks and Edward C. Stack and Chengyin Lu and Daisuke Izaki and Kimberly D. Beck and Dan Tong Jia and Paul M Armenta and Ashley Paige White-Stern and Yichun Fu and Zoe Blake and Howard L. Kaufman and Bret Taback and Basil A. J. Horst and Yvonne M. Saenger and Steven M. Leonardo and Keith Gorden and Ross B. Fulton and Kathryn Fraser and T Kangas and R Walsh and Kathleen E. Ertelt and Jerome V. De Graff and Mark T. Uhlik and Jennifer S. Sims and L Lei and Takashi Tsujiuchi and Jeffrey N. Bruce and Peter Canoll and Anthony William Tolcher and Evan W. Alley and Gurunadh R. Chichili and Jan E Canoll and Paul Moore and Ezio Bonvini and Sahlstrand Johnson and Sadhna M. Shankar and James Vasselli and Jon Marc Wigginton and John D. Powderly},
4501. Coinhibition & Costimulation O4 Computational identification, functional characterization, and antibody blockade of a new immune checkpoint in the TIGIT family of interacting molecules Ofer Levy, Christopher Chan, Gady Cojocaru, Spencer Liang, Eran Ophir, Sudipto Ganguly, Amir Toporik, Maya Kotturi, Tal Fridman Kfir, Benjamin M. Murter, Kathryn Logronio, Liat Dassa, Ling Leung, Shirley Greenwald, Meir Azulay, Sandeep Kumar, Zoya Alteber, Xiaoyu Pan, Arthur Machlenkin, Yair Benita, Andrew… CONTINUE READING


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