3. False Complaints of Sexual Assault: Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse

  title={3. False Complaints of Sexual Assault: Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse},
  author={J. Boakes},
  journal={Medicine, Science and the Law},
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  • J. Boakes
  • Published 1 April 1999
  • Medicine
  • Medicine, Science and the Law
False complaints are easily made and carry serious consequences for the accused. Many of those who make false claims sincerely believe the truth of what they report. Some are opportunistic and are consciously lying for personal gain. A special type of false allegation, the false memory syndrome, arises typically within therapy. People report the ‘recovery’ of memories of previously unknown childhood sexual abuse. The influence of practitioners' beliefs and practices in the eliciting of false… 
Early sexual abuse issues in a sample of acute female psychiatric inpatients
The description of the False Memory Syndrome raises the issue of the low reliability of some of the memories of early sexual abuse that emerge frequently in the course of acute psychoses or dissociative states.
[The infantile sexual seduction: revolution and aftermath of Freud's theory].
Sigmund Freud's seduction theory asserts that psychoneuroses in adults are caused by reactivation of forgotten recollections of gross sexual abuse (involving the genitals) that had taken place prior to the age of 8 to 10 years.
La seducción sexual infantil: revolución y repercusiones de la teoría de Freud
There is no question about the negative effects of child sexual abuse. Freud's seduction theory asserts that psychoneuroses in adults are caused by reactivation of forgotten recollections of gross
Problems for clinical judgement: 2. Obtaining a reliable past medical history.
An awareness of these specific human fallibilities might help clinicians avoid some errors when eliciting a patient's past medical history.
Trauma und Scheinerinnerungen
SummaryIn forensic psychiatry pseudo–memories (false memories) are mainly discussed in cases of accusations of sexual child abuse. Recovered memories have to be distinguished from pseudo–memories
Folie a deux versus genetically driven delusional disorder: case reports and nosological considerations.
This work presents the cases of two psychotic couples, in which both subjects featured an almost identical psychopathological syndrome with the same delusional content and thus fulfilled the diagnostic criteria of folie a deux.
Selbstverletzendes Verhalten: Über die Ausweglosigkeit, Kontrollversuche, Sprache und das Scheitern der Erika Kohut in Elfriede Jelineks Die Klavierspielerin
SummaryIt has widely been accepted that Erika Kohut in Elfriede Jelinek’s Die Klavierspielerin is a victim of her mother and cannnot resist the overwhelming power of her — who represents the


Can memories of childhood sexual abuse be repressed?
Present clinical evidence is insufficient to permit the conclusion that individuals can repress memories of childhood sexual abuse, and many writers have implied that hundreds of thousands, or even millions of persons harbour such repressed memories.
Impact of sexual abuse on children: a review and synthesis of recent empirical studies.
The findings suggest the absence of any specific syndrome in children who have been sexually abused and no single traumatizing process.
False rape allegations
  • E. J. Kanin
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 1994
False rape allegations are not the consequence of a gender-linked aberration, as frequently claimed, but reflect impulsive and desperate efforts to cope with personal and social stress situations.
A review of the short-term effects of child sexual abuse.
Given the broad range of outcome among sexual abuse victims, as well as the methodological weaknesses present in many of the studies reviewed, it is not possible at this time to postulate the existence of a "post-sexual-abuse-syndrome" with a specific course or outcome.
A review of the long-term effects of child sexual abuse.
There is insufficient evidence to confirm a relation between a history of childhood sexual abuse and a postsexual abuse syndrome and multiple or borderline personality disorder, but force and threat of force may be a necessary concomitant.
Recommen - dations for good practice and implications for training , continuing professional development and research
  • Psychiat . Bull .
  • 1997
Pathologie de l'imagination et de l'émotivité