3-methylindole induces transient olfactory mucosal injury in ponies.

  title={3-methylindole induces transient olfactory mucosal injury in ponies.},
  author={Margaret A Miller and S J Kottler and Jos{\'e} Antonio Ramos-Vara and P J Johnson and Venkataseshu K. Ganjam and Thomas J Evans},
  journal={Veterinary pathology},
  volume={40 4},
Response to 3-methylindole (3MI) varies among species. Mice recover from 3MI-induced bronchiolar epithelial injury but sustain persistent olfactory mucosal injury with scarring and epithelial metaplasia. In contrast, 3MI induces obliterative bronchiolitis in horses and ponies, but olfactory mucosal injury has not been reported. To evaluate the effect of 3MI on equine olfactory mucosa, ponies were dosed orally with 100 mg 3MI/kg (n = 9) or corn oil vehicle (n = 6). All ponies treated with 3MI… CONTINUE READING