3 beta,7 alpha,12 alpha-triformyloxy-24-nor-5 beta-chol-22-ene.

  title={3 beta,7 alpha,12 alpha-triformyloxy-24-nor-5 beta-chol-22-ene.},
  author={L. C. R. Andrade and J. Paix{\~a}o and M. J. M. de Almeida and E J Tavares da Silva and Maria Luisa S{\'a} e Melo and F M Fernandes Roleira},
  journal={Acta crystallographica. Section C, Crystal structure communications},
  volume={60 Pt 1},
The title compound, alternatively called 24-nor-5 beta-chol-22-ene-3 beta,7 alpha,12 alpha-triyl triformate, C(26)H(38)O(6), has a cis junction between two of the six-membered rings. All three of the six-membered rings have chair conformations that are slightly flattened and the five-membered ring has a 13 beta,14 alpha-half-chair conformation. The 3 beta, 7 alpha and 12 alpha ring substituents are axial and the 17 beta group is equatorial. The 3 beta-formyloxy group is involved in one weak… CONTINUE READING