3-aminopyrazolopyrazine derivatives as spleen tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

  title={3-aminopyrazolopyrazine derivatives as spleen tyrosine kinase inhibitors.},
  author={Jiayi Shen and Xiaokai Li and Zhang Zhang and Jingfeng Luo and Huoyou Long and Zheng-chao Tu and Xiaoping Zhou and Ke Ding and Xiaoyun Lu},
  journal={Chemical biology & drug design},
  volume={88 5},
Spleen tyrosine kinase is a new promising target for drug discovery to treat human cancer and inflammatory disorders. A series of pyrazolopyrazine-3-amine and pyrazolopyrimidine-3-amine derivatives was designed and synthesized as new spleen tyrosine kinase inhibitors. The efforts yielded compound 6h with promising spleen tyrosine kinase inhibition in both enzymatic and B-lymphoma cell proliferation assays. Additionally, compound 6h dose dependently inhibited the activation of spleen tyrosine… CONTINUE READING

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