3-GHz Silicon Photodiodes Integrated in a 0.18-$\mu$m CMOS Technology

  title={3-GHz Silicon Photodiodes Integrated in a 0.18-\$\mu\$m CMOS Technology},
  author={Berkehan Ciftcioglu and Jie Zhang and Lin Zhang and J. R. Marciante and J. D. Zuegel and R. Sobolewski and Hui Wu},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
A new PIN photodiode (PD) structure with deep n-well (DNW) fabricated in an epitaxial substrate complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (epi-CMOS) process is presented. The DNW buried inside the epitaxial layer intensifies the electric field deep inside the epi-layer significantly, and helps the electrons generated inside the epi-layer to drift faster to… CONTINUE READING