3-Dimensional SOI/CMOS IC's fabricated by beam recrystallization

  title={3-Dimensional SOI/CMOS IC's fabricated by beam recrystallization},
  author={Seiichiro Kawamura and Nobuo Sasaki and Taisuke Iwai and R. Mukai and Motoo Nakano and Mikio Takagi},
  journal={1983 International Electron Devices Meeting},
A 3-Dimensional (3-D) CMOS integration with a structure, in which one type of transistor is fabricated directly above a transistor of the opposite type with separate gates and an insulator in between, has successfully been fabricated by using laser beam recrystallization. Seven-stage ring oscillators fabricated in the 3-D structure have a propagation delay of 430psec per stage at a supply voltage of 5V, which is comparable to that of single-crystal Si devices. This CMOS structure and the… 

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