3-D printable open source dual axis gimbal system for optoelectronic measurements

  title={3-D printable open source dual axis gimbal system for optoelectronic measurements},
  author={Nupur Bihari and Smruti Prasad Dash and Karankumar C. Dhankani and Joshua M. Pearce},
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Open-Source 3D-Printable Optics Equipment

An open-source optical library, which significantly reduces the costs associated with much optical equipment, while also enabling relatively easily adapted customizable designs.

Open source 3D printers: an appropriate technology for building low cost optics labs for the developing communities

The recent introduction of RepRap (self-replicating rapid prototyper) 3-D printers and the resultant open source technological improvements have resulted in affordable 3-D printing, enabling low-cost

A one-piece 3D printed flexure translation stage for open-source microscopy.

This work exploits the compliance of the plastic to produce a monolithic 3D printed flexure translation stage, capable of sub-micron-scale motion over a range of 8 × 8 × 4 mm, and enables a miniature microscope with excellent mechanical stability.

Building Research Equipment with Free, Open-Source Hardware

Theopen-source paradigm is now enabling creation of open-source scientific hardware by combining three-dimensional (3D) printing with open- source microcontrollers running on FOSS.

An open source hardware-based mechatronics project: The replicating rapid 3-D printer

This contribution reviews the execution of an open source hardware (OSHW) project as part of the Master in Mechatronics Degree Programme at the University of Southern Denmark. There were a number of

General Design Procedure for Free and Open-Source Hardware for Scientific Equipment

This study provides five steps in the procedure, encompassing six design principles for the development of free and open-source hardware for scientific applications, which will be customizable, under control of the researcher, less expensive than commercial options, more maintainable, and will have many applications that benefit the user since the design documentation is open and freely accessible.

Free and open‐source automated 3‐D microscope

The open‐source microscope stage costs less than 3–9% of the closest proprietary commercial stages, and extreme affordability vastly improves accessibility for 3‐D microscopy throughout the world.

A New Open Source 3D-Printable Mobile Robotic Platform for Education

The Miniskybot, the new mobile robot aimed for educational purposes, has three new important features: 3D-printable on low cost reprap-like machines, fully open source (including mechanics and electronics), and designed exclusively with open source tools.