3-D Reconstruction and Camera Calibration from Images with Known Objects


We present, a method for camera calibration and metric reconstruction of the three-dimensional structure of scenes with several, possibly small and nearly planar objects from one or more images. We formulate the projection of object models explicitly according to the pin-hole camera model in order to be able to estimate the pose parameters for all objects as well as relative poses and the focal lengths of the cameras. This is accomplished by minimising a multivariate non-linear cost function. The only information needed is simple geometric object models, the correspondence between model and image features, and the correspondence of objects in the images if more than one view of the scene is used. Additionally, we present a new method for the projection of circles using projective invariants. Results using both simulated and real images are presented. keywords: Least-squares model fitting, model-based vision, 3-D reconstruction, camera calibration, projective invariants.

DOI: 10.5244/C.9.17

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