3-D Analytical Model of Helical Winding PM Machines Including Rotor Eddy Currents

  title={3-D Analytical Model of Helical Winding PM Machines Including Rotor Eddy Currents},
  author={S. Jumayev and J. Paulides and K. O. Boynov and J. Pyrhonen and E. Lomonova},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
Helical windings (or zigzag windings) are used in a number of applications, however, in electrical machines, mainly employed in low-power, high-speed permanent magnet (PM) brushless dc machines due to the cost effectiveness of the winding type while maintaining reasonable performance. Typically, helical windings are used for low-voltage applications due to their spiral form, which makes them most suitable for a small number of turns. In high-speed electrical machines, such a low number of turns… Expand

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