3 C 66 B as a TeV radio-galaxy

  title={3 C 66 B as a TeV radio-galaxy},
  author={Fabrizio Tavecchio and Gabriele Ghisellini},
The MAGIC collaboration reported the detection of a new VHE s ource, MAGIC J0223+430, located close to the position of the blazar 3C66A, considere d a candidate TeV blazar since a long time. A careful analysis showed that the events with en ergies above 150 GeV are centered on the position of the FRI radiogalaxy 3C66B (at 6 ar cmin from 3C66A), with a probability of 95.4% (85.4% including systematic uncertai n ies) that the source is not related to 3C66A. We present a model for the possible… CONTINUE READING

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