3‐manifolds efficiently bound 4‐manifolds

  title={3‐manifolds efficiently bound 4‐manifolds},
  author={Francesco Costantino and Dylan P. Thurston},
  journal={Journal of Topology},
It has been known since 1954 that every 3-manifold bounds a 4-manifold. Thus, for instance, every 3-manifold has a surgery diagram. There are several proofs of this fact, but little attention has been paid to the complexity of the 4-manifold produced. Given a 3-manifold M 3 of complexity n, we construct a 4-manifold bounded by M of complexity , where the ‘complexity’ of a piecewise-linear manifold is the minimum number of n-simplices in a triangulation.The proof goes through the notion of… 
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We extend Matveev’s complexity of 3‐manifolds to PL compact manifolds of arbitrary dimension, and we study its properties. The complexity of a manifold is the minimum number of vertices in a simple
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  • David T. Gay
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics
  • 2019
We offer a new proof that two closed oriented 4–manifolds are cobordant if their signatures agree, in the spirit of Lickorish’s proof [6] that all closed oriented 3–manifolds bound 4–manifolds. Where
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Using tropical geometry, Mikhalkin has proved that every smooth complex hypersurface in $\mathbb{CP}^{n+1}$ decomposes into pairs of pants: a pair of pants is a real compact $2n$-manifold with


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