3'-Arylazido-beta-alanyl-2-azido ATP, a cross-linking photoaffinity label for F1ATPases.

  title={3'-Arylazido-beta-alanyl-2-azido ATP, a cross-linking photoaffinity label for F1ATPases.},
  author={Holger Sch{\"a}fer and G Rathgeber and Klaus Dose and Heinrich Sauer and Wolfgang Trommer},
  journal={Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. C, Journal of biosciences},
  volume={44 11-12},
The synthesis of the 3'-arylazido-2-azido ATP derivative 3'-O-(3-[N-(4-azido-2-nitrophenyl)-amino]propionyl)2-azido-adenosine 5'-triphosphate (2,3'-DiN3ATP) is described. The bifunctional photoreactive ATP analog is characterized spectroscopically. Photoaffinity labeling of F1ATPase from Micrococcus luteus by this analog results in the inactivation of the… CONTINUE READING