2D l-Di-toluoyl-tartaric acid Lanthanide Coordination Polymers: Toward Single-component White-Light and NIR Luminescent Materials.

A series of five l-di-p-toluoyl-tartaric acid (l-DTTA) lanthanide coordination polymers, namely {[Ln4 K(4)  L6 (H2O)x ]⋅yH2 O}n , [Ln=Dy (1), x=24, y=12; Ln=Ho (2), x=23, y=12; Ln=Er (3), x=24, y=12; Ln=Yb (4), x=24, y=11; Ln=Lu (5), x=24, y=12] have been isolated by simple reactions of H2L (H2 L= L-DTTA) with LnCl3 ⋅6 H2O at ambient temperature. X-ray… CONTINUE READING