2D high-frequency forward-looking sonar simulator based on continuous surfaces approach

  title={2D high-frequency forward-looking sonar simulator based on continuous surfaces approach},
  author={Hakan Sac and Mehmet Kemal Leblebicioglu and Gozde Bozdagi Akar},
  journal={Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences},
Optical cameras give detailed images in clear waters. However, in dark or turbid waters, information coming from electro-optical sensors is insufficient for accurate scene perception. Imaging sonars, also known as acoustic cameras, can provide enhanced target details in these scenarios. In this paper, a computationally efficient 2D high-frequency, forward-looking sonar image simulator is presented. Stages and requirements of the image formation process are explained in detail. For the… 

Development of image simulator for forward-looking sonar using 3D rendering

The simulation results and the comparison to real acoustic images demonstrate that the proposed simulator can generate accurate synthetic acoustic images efficiently and flexibly.

Acoustic Image Simulator Based on Active Sonar Model in Underwater Environment

A novel acoustic image simulator based on active sonar model analyzing the correlation between signal processing and an image display mechanism that have not yet been clarified can successfully generate realistic virtual acoustic images from arbitrary viewpoints.

Custom Shader and 3 D Rendering for computationally efficient Sonar Simulation

A novel method for simulating underwater sonar sensors by vertex and fragment processing by using the integration between the Gazebo simulator and the Robot Construction Kit framework to generate synthetic sonar data.

Simulator for underwater 3D acoustic imaging

A simulator for a forward looking 3D imaging sonar that allows the study of the array architecture and use of sequential and coded waveform transmission and is useful design to refine the design and study the performance in controlled setting.

Underwater Localization and Mapping with Imaging Sonar

This dissertation takes inspiration from related problems in the field of computer vision and demonstrate that imaging sonar localization and mapping may be modeled and solved using similar methods and presents degeneracy-aware acoustic bundle adjustment, a feature-based algorithm inspired by optical bundle adjustment.

Implementation of Point Cloud Algorithm on Three Different Installations of Mechanically Scanning Imaging Sonar for Seabed Mapping

A point cloud algorithm for mechanically scanning imaging sonar (MSIS) on an AUV for 3D seabed mapping and results will be utilized to investigate a feasible method for the fusion of the other sonar which has complementary characteristics.

Modeling and Analysis of Sea-Surface Vehicle System for Underwater Mapping Using Single-Beam Echosounder

Detailed knowledge on the shape of the seafloor is crucial for many researchers. Bathymetric data are critical for navigational safety and are used for underwater mapping. This study develops a

Sonar System Application for detection of underwater work space boundary using seabed type underwater equipments

The detection of an underwater work space boundary is very important when an underwater construction is carried out using seabed type underwater equipment, such as underwater machines for rubble



Forward looking sonar data simulation through tube tracing

This paper introduces the simulation of a new imaging sensor (DIDSON acoustic camera) showing the extensibility of the proposed framework while providing realistic and specific front-looking simulated images.

Shape from Shading: A Survey

Six well-known SFS algorithms are implemented and compared, and the performance of the algorithms was analyzed on synthetic images using mean and standard deviation of depth error, mean of surface gradient error, and CPU timing.

Sonar for Practising Engineers

Preface. About the Author. Introduction. Sound. Arrays. Propagation of Sound in the Sea. Target Strength. Noise in Sonar Systems. Reverberation. The Sonar Equations. Passive Sonar. Active Sonar. Echo

Acoustic Reflection from Surfaces and Shapes

Abstract : The intent of this book is to make accessible selected reflection- and -reflection-related work of a group that has been conducting such research since approximately 1958. Contents:

Advances in Sonar Technology

Application of optical ray tracing techniques to the simulation of sonar images

The basic methodol- ogy of the sonar simulation model is presented, and the techniques used to circumvent the time-based display problems are illustrated, and some results using this technique are presented.

Acoustical Oceanography : Principles and Applications

Introduction to Wave Propagation in Nonlinear Fluids and Solids

Preface Nomenclature Introduction 1. Fundamentals 2. Mechanical waves 3. Thermomechanics 4. Constitutive models Appendix A: numerical methods Appendix B: material properties References Index.

Identification of object parameters from transient bistatic scattering data

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