2D fractional supersymmetry for rational conformal field theory: Application for third-integer spin states

  title={2D fractional supersymmetry for rational conformal field theory: Application for third-integer spin states},
  author={A. P{\'e}rez and Michel Rausch de Traubenberg and Pascal Simon},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},

Nontrivial Extensions of the 3D-Poincaré Algebra and Fractional Supersymmetry for Anyons

Nontrivial extensions of three-dimensional Poincare algebra, beyond the supersymmetric one, are explicitly constructed. These algebraic structures are the natural three-dimensional generalizations of

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A generalization of super-Lie algebras is presented. It is then shown that all known examples of fractional supersymmetry can be understood in this formulation. However, the incorporation of

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Fractional supersymmetric quantum mechanics is developed from a generalized Weyl-Heisenberg algebra. The Hamiltonian and the supercharges of fractional supersymmetric dynamical systems are built in

On Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics

This paper constitutes a review on N = 2 fractional supersym-metric Quantum Mechanics of order k. The presentation is based on the introduction of a generalized Weyl-Heisenberg algebra W k . It is

Fractional Supersymmetry and F − fold Lie

It is generally held that supersymmetry is the only non-trivial extension of the Poincaré algebra. This point of view is based on the two theorems [1, 2]. However, as usual, if some of the

Two dimensional fractional supersymmetric conformal field theories and the two point functions

A general two-dimensional fractional supersymmetric conformal field theory is investigated. The structure of the symmetries of the theory is studied. Then, applying the generators of the closed

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An n-dimensional fractional supersymmetry theory is algebraically constructedon the n-dimensional multicomplex space Mn. By emphasizing its appearanceas a special case of generalized Clifford algebra

Some Results on Cubic and Higher Order Extensions of the Poincare Algebra

In these lectures we study some possible higher order (of degree greater than two) extensions of the Poincare algebra. We first give some general properties of Lie superalgebras with some emphasis on

Ju n 19 96 June , 1996 LPT-96-12 hep-th / 96 mmnnn 2 D − Fractional Supersymmetry : from Rational to Irrational Conformal Field Theory

Supersymmetry can be consistently generalized in one and two dimensional spaces, fractional supersymmetry being one of the possible extension. Fractional supersymme-try of arbitrary order F is



Local Fractional Supersymmetry for Alternative Statistics

A group theory justification of one-dimensional fractional supersymmetry is proposed using an analog of a coset space, just like the one introduced in 1-D supersymmetry. This theory is then gauged to

Virasoro algebras with central charge c>1.

A generalization of the Feigin-Fuchs construction is used to find the currents and the primary fields of the new algebras of a new unitary series of conformal field theories.