2D and 3D Self-Assembling Nanofiber Hydrogels for Cardiomyocyte Culture

  title={2D and 3D Self-Assembling Nanofiber Hydrogels for Cardiomyocyte Culture},
  author={Liisa M Ikonen and Erja Kerkel{\"a} and Gerald A. Metselaar and Marc C A Stuart and Menno R. de Jong and Katriina Aalto-Set{\"a}l{\"a}},
  booktitle={BioMed research international},
Collagen is a widely used biomaterial in cardiac tissue engineering studies. However, as a natural material, it suffers from variability between batches that can complicate the standardization of culture conditions. In contrast, synthetic materials are modifiable, have well-defined structures and more homogeneous batches can be produced. In this study, several collagen-like synthetic self-assembling nanofiber hydrogels were examined for their suitability for cardiomyocyte culture in 2D and 3D… CONTINUE READING

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