2D Ferroelectric $\pmb{\mathrm{CuInP}_{2}\mathrm{S}_{6}}$: Synthesis, ReRAM, and FeRAM

  title={2D Ferroelectric \$\pmb\{\mathrm\{CuInP\}_\{2\}\mathrm\{S\}_\{6\}\}\$: Synthesis, ReRAM, and FeRAM},
  author={Pai-Ying Liao and Mengwei Si and Gang Qiu and Peide D. Ye},
  journal={2018 76th Device Research Conference (DRC)},
  • Pai-Ying Liao, Mengwei Si, +1 author Peide D. Ye
  • Published in
    76th Device Research…
  • Physics
  • 2D ferroelectric-gated field-effect transistors are promising for future non-volatile memory and low-power logic applications, to combine the advantage of both 2D semiconductors and ferroelectric insulators [1]–[3]. However, the non-ideal 2D semiconductor/3D insulator interface results in interface traps which degrade the device performance, variability and reliability. To integrate 2D semiconductor together with 2D ferroelectric insulator as 2D van der Waals heterostructure ferroelectric field… CONTINUE READING

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