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2D Barcode Based Mobile Payment System With Biometric Security

  title={2D Barcode Based Mobile Payment System With Biometric Security},
  author={pragyan ashok masalkar and Pujari Vaishali and Sayali Shinde and udayraj singh},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research},
Currently Indian market doesn’t use 2-D based Barcode Mobile. In market or malls 1d barcode system is used and queue line system is used thus it is time consuming. In market most of mobiles don’t have barcode detection system in them; only phones like iPhone have it. Money transaction system in market is also slow and credit cards and other money payment system are used. Mobile payment is very important and critical solution for mobile commerce. A user-friendly mobile payment solution is… 

Mobile Payments for Conducting M-Commerce

This chapter describes stakeholders of the mobile payment ecosystem, mobile payment technologies, payment carriers, payment gateways and issues involved with them, and discusses the popular payment options available in M-commerce market space today.

Fingerprint Biometric Authentication Based Point of Sale Terminal

The incorporation of fingerprint biometric recognition as an additional layer of protection to the customary pin and password requirements to gain permission to pay for goods purchased and services rendered using point of sale devices strengthens the present authentication process that makes use of pins and passwords that are prone to fraud.

Mobile Payment With Alipay: An Application of Extended Technology Acceptance Model

Investigation of a users’ risk perception, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and attitude on a user’s willingness to use Alipay, by using an extended version of the technology acceptance model (TAM), suggested that when users perceived that the risks of using Alipays are higher, they will hold a negative attitude using AlIPay and less likely to useAlipay.



A 2D Barcode-Based Mobile Payment System

An innovative mobile payment system based on 2-Dimentional (2D) barcodes for mobile users to improve mobile user experience in mobile payment and 2D barcode based security solutions are presented.

Barcode Payment System in Trusted Mobile Devices

A mobile payment model with barcodes for mobile users to improve mobile user experience in mobile payment and provides distinct advantages to support buy-and-sale products and services based on 2D Barcodes.

Emerging Security Technologies for Mobile User Accesses

This paper discusses the security concepts, issues, and challenges in mobile accesses, summarizes and analyzes the state-of-the-art of security technologies for mobile accesse, and discusses and compares the existing mobile security solutions and technologies.

Pervasive 2D Barcodes for Camera Phone Applications

This study reviews the six 2D barcodes evaluated using eight criteria for standardization potential and uses an additional metric - a first-read rate - to quantitatively verify earlier results and better gauge reading reliability.

Understanding 2D-BarCode Technology and Applications in M-Commerce - Design and Implementation of A 2D Barcode Processing Solution

A research project to develop a 2D-barcode processing solution to support mobile applications is reported and the application examples, and case study using the solution are presented.

Ranavat, “A 2D Barcode-based Mobile Payment System”, the master project

  • SanJose State University,
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