297. Biologische Gewebeklebung mit Gerinnungsfaktoren, Kollagenschwämmen und Fibrinolyseinhibitoren

  title={297. Biologische Gewebeklebung mit Gerinnungsfaktoren, Kollagenschw{\"a}mmen und Fibrinolyseinhibitoren},
  author={G. Bl{\"u}mel and W. Erhardt and H. Fritsche and S. Haas and H. Schoeneich and A. Stemberger and I. Wriedt-L{\"u}bbe},
  journal={Langenbecks Archiv f{\"u}r Chirurgie},
SummaryThe fibrin adhesion technique and collagen sponges open new fields in hemostasis and tissue adaptation. Biochemical investigations revealed characterization of the adhesion in regard to the components and the mechanism. In animal experiments new applications like treatment of bleeding liver and kidney parenchyma, sealing of enterorrhaphy, anastomosis of dissected nerves and vessels as well as fixation of articular cartilage were studied, showing the tissue compatibility and the necessity… Expand