author={C. R. Madeley and Bonnie Cosgrove},
  journal={The Lancet},

Evaluación del efecto inhibitorio ejercido por bacterias probióticas sobre la infección in vitro por astrovirus humano

Investigations have shown probiotics have beneficial effects on human health, one of the many qualities is attributed its protective action against acute diarrheal disease (ADD) secondary to

Detection and transmission of 30 nm virus particles (astroviruses) in faeces of lambs with diarrhoea

The passage through gnotobiotic lambs with development of diarrhoea showed that small round virus-like particles in the faeces showed that these particles were animal viruses which were probably pathogenic for lambs.

Astrovirus enteritis in a chronic lymphocytic leukemia patient treated with fludarabine monophosphate

Astrovirus infection might constitute a common etiology of gastroenteritis in patients with hematologic malignancies that have been severely immunocompromised with FAMP or other purine analogues, and therefore should be more systematically investigated.

A Novel Astrovirus-Like RNA Virus Detected in Human Stool

A novel astrovirus-like RNA virus detected in human stools is described, which is tentatively named bastrovirus and encodes a putative structural protein that is homologous to the capsid protein found in members of the Astroviridae family.

Molecular characterization of a novel astrovirus associated with disease in mink.

Results indicate that mink astrovirus (MiAstV) has all of the features typical of members of the Astroviridae, and suggests either the spread in the mink population of a virus that has evolved a long time ago or the recent introduction of an ancient virus into a new host species.

Avian Nephritis Virus (ANV) as a New Member of the Family Astroviridae and Construction of Infectious ANV cDNA

The observations suggested that the ANV (G-4260 strain) is a new genus of the family Astroviridae, and the in vitro transcript is infectious.

A Review of Emerging Goose Astrovirus Causing Gout

Since GAstV can cause gout in goslings, the possible role in gout formation and uric acid metabolism is discussed, and it is hoped that this review will inform researchers to rapidly develop effective methods to prevent and treat this disease.


In vitro cultivation in human fetal intestinal organ culture of a reovirus-like agent associated with nonbacterial gastroenteritis in infants and children.

Evidence was obtained that a reovirus-like agent associated with infantile gastroenteritis grew in organ cultures of human fetal intestine and specific antigen appeared to be localized primarily in the epithelium that lined the intestinal villi.