279. Neuere Methoden in der Dickdarmchirurgie

  title={279. Neuere Methoden in der Dickdarmchirurgie},
  author={H. Gumrich and Dr. iur. P. Fischer and Andrew Eisenberger and Kerstin Nadler and Roland Krug},
  journal={Langenbecks Archiv f{\"u}r Chirurgie},
Three surgical techniques are discussed: 1. The posterior rectotomy as a possibility for tumors of the rectum situated up to 12 cm. 2. The surgical technique of a free transplant of autologous muscle for reconstruction of the sphincter in terminal colostomy. 3. A machine for suturing deep colon anastomoses. Es werden 3 Operationsmethoden vorgestellt: 1. Die… CONTINUE READING