262 Comparing two Methods of Feeding in Very Low Birth Weight Premature Newborns


Background: Neonates with less than 32–34 weeks of gestation are prone to feeding intolerance and Necrotizing Entrocolitis (NEC).Different methods for feeding have been used in the world and several studies have been made to evaluate the outcomes of these methods.Objective: To compare two methods of feeding of very low birth weight (VLBW) premature neonates in two hospitals(both affiliated to Iran,Isfahan University of Medical Sciences)and to evaluate the effects of these methods on feeding tolerance as well as risk of NEC.Methods: This prospective case-control Analytic study was performed on 68 healthy premature neonates in each hospitals(that we said above) in 2003.In method which we used in Beheshti hospital(No.1 method),feeding initiated with 2–3 ml of breast milk every 2 hr and advanced daily 15–25 ml/kg. In method which we used in Alzahra hospital(No.2 method),feeding initiated with 1–2 ml of breast milk every 1 hr. And advanced daily 1 ml to each feeding,until 150 ml/kg/24 hr. We filled a checklist of feeding method,feeding intolerance,NEC and analysed them at P<0.05 with SPSS9 software using the t- test. Results:In 48 cases(35.2 %)developed feeding intolerance(20 in No.1 and 28 in No.2 method, P>0.05).In one case of No.1 method and two cases in No. 2 method, NEC occured (P=0.559).Discussion and conclusion: The rate of feeding intolerance in our study was lower than other centers and in No.1 method was lower than No. 2 method. This Probably is due to longer feeding intervals.NEC incidence in our study was lower Than other similar studies and in No.1 method(1.47%) less than No.2 method(2.9%).But these results are not significant in view of analysis, therefore we found that in different methods the main principle in feeding of premature neonates is to proceed cautiously and gradually.

DOI: 10.1203/00006450-200508000-00291

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