25 microchips that shook the world

  title={25 microchips that shook the world},
  author={Brian Santo},
  journal={IEEE Spectrum},
  • B. Santo
  • Published 1 May 2009
  • Art
  • IEEE Spectrum
microchip design, as in life, small things sometimes add up to big things. Dream up a clever microcircuit, get it sculpted in a sliver of silicon, and your little creation may unleash a technological revolution. It happened with the Intel 8088 microprocessor. And the Mostek MK4096 4-kilobit DRAM. And the Texas Instruments TMS32010 digital signal processor. 

A closer look at microprocessors that have shaped the digital world

Abstract – If you have been following the development in the microprocessor world you would attest to the fact that things have dramatically changed since the introduction of the first world

Great Encounters Leading Me to the Inventions of Flash Memories and Surrounding Gate Transistor Technology

  • F. Masuoka
  • Art
    IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine
  • 2013
The history of the erasable programmable read-only memory, flash memories, and DRAM as encountered by the author is presented.

555-Timer and Comparators Operational at 500 °C

This paper reports an industry standard monolithic 555-timer circuit designed and fabricated in the in-house silicon carbide (SiC) low-voltage bipolar technology. This paper demonstrates the

Clock and Timing Signals

The operation of reference clock generator, Schmitt trigger, timer IC 555, non-retriggerable and retriggersable monostable multivibrators are presented.

DIMI-6000: An Early Musical Microcomputer by Erkki Kurenniemi

An overview of the DIMI-6000 instrument and its use is presented, especially of the unit built for the Experimental Studio of Yle.


  • J. McAllister
  • Computer Science
    Handbook of Signal Processing Systems
  • 2010
This chapter describes the state-of-the-art in FPGA device resources, computing architectures, and design tools which support the DSP system design process.

Emulation of Circuits under Test Using Low-Cost Embedded Platforms

A reconfigurable physical system based on the Arduino™ shield pin-out, which (after specific programming) can virtually behave as a device under test to carry out measurement procedures on it, emulating any system or process.

Analysis of ultrathin gate-oxide breakdown mechanisms and applications to antifuse memories fabricated in advanced CMOS processes

Non-volatile one-time programmable memories are gaining an ever growing interest in embedded electronics. Chip ID, chip configuration or system repairing are among the numerous applications addressed

Large-Scale Field-Programmable Analog Arrays

  • J. Hasler
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    Proceedings of the IEEE
  • 2020
The development of FPAAs enables the development of multiple potential metrics, and these metrics illustrate future FPAA device directions.

A stacked memory device on logic 3D technology for ultra-high-density data storage

A novel three-dimensional memory chip architecture of stacked-memory-devices-on-logic (SMOL) achieving up to 95% of cell-area efficiency by directly building up memory devices on top of front-end CMOS devices is demonstrated.