25 Years of Family Business Review

  title={25 Years of Family Business Review},
  author={Pramodita Sharma and James J. Chrisman and Kelin E. Gersick},
  journal={Family Business Review},
  pages={15 - 5}
Since its launch in 1988, the Family Business Review (FBR) has played an integral role in the establishment and development of the field of family business studies. This field is distinguished from its sister disciplines by its singular focus on the paradoxes caused by the involvement of family in business. Today, scholars worldwide recognize both the ubiquity of family enterprises and the complexity of issues faced by these enterprises. However, this has not always been the case. While the… 

The Family Business

The family business is an economically relevant worldwide phenomenon. It is widespread in every industry and it takes diverse legal forms, ranging from micro, small and medium sized firms to large


2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the Family Business Review (FBR). This milestone was celebrated with two special issues. The March issue carried articles that provided an overview of the field

On the goals of family firms: A review and integration

Since the seminal work of Tagiuri & Davis (1992), several calls for more research on the topic of goals in the context of the family business were made. In spite of the recent proliferation of

Strategic Issues in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Research

When considering the percentage of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the number of these that are family businesses, in terms of the worldwide corporate landscape, the fundamental status of

Family Business Performance from a Governance Perspective: A Review of Empirical Research

Given the complexity of the family business phenomenon, empirical research has still reached no consensus on whether family control is beneficial or detrimental to firm performance. To shed new light

Family Business in Italy: a Humanistic Transition of Assets and Values from One Generation to the Next

This paper analyzes the family business as an organizational entity and as a proprietary form useful to transmit personal values and company assets to the next generations. This paper aims to

Review of Family Business Definitions: Cluster Approach and Implications of Heterogeneous Application for Family Business Research

This review article displays several attempts to define family businesses as well as a systematization approach to get new insights about the relationship between family business definitions and

Mapping the field of family business research: past trends and future directions

Receiving increasing attention over the past decade by scholars worldwide, family business research has developed in diverse directions. Due to the numerous challenges family businesses face in their

The impact of succession on family business internationalisation

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the successor's perceptions of the major objective and subjective factors as well as networks that facilitate or inhibit the process of

A resource dependency framework for innovation and internationalization of family businesses: Evidence from India

Purpose To compete and to survive in this era of globalization, organizations, including family businesses, need to have competitive advantage, and innovation and internationalization are



Marketing (in) the Family Firm

We are proud to introduce this special issue of Family Business Review on Marketing and Family Businesses because we believe it has the potential to spark the development of novel and interesting

A farewell to the business: Championing exit and continuity in entrepreneurial family firms

What factors influence exit from the founder's business and subsequent entrepreneurial renewal in a generational family firm? Guided by this research question, we trace the development of the Italian

The Family Firm's Exclusion from Business School Research: Explaining the Void; Addressing the Opportunity

Why does the vast majority of business school research either ignore, or at best, gloss over the role of family in owning or managing business enterprises? This paper addresses this question and

Family Business Research: The Evolution of an Academic Field

The establishment of a field of study or a discipline with academic or professional standing requires, among other things, a body of knowledge that expands understanding of that domain. This paper

Editor’s Note: 2009—A Year in Review

For Family Business Review (FBR), the year 2009 was a great one. A new editorial team and advisory and review boards appeared on the journal’s masthead, and SAGE Publications took over its

Evolution of the Intellectual Structure of Family Business Literature: A Bibliometric Study of FBR

This article aims at identifying the characteristics of the family business as a differentiated field within management. For that aim, we use author co-citation analysis (ACA) to identify different

Current State of Family Business Theory and Practice as Reflected in Family Business Review 1988—1997

Family Business Review (FBR) has made a significant contribution to the development of the field of family business. This article examines the evolution of the field as reflected in FBR since its

The Reflective Practitioner: A Tribute to Dick Beckhard1

Introduction Back in the 1970s, when Dick Beckhard first started thinking seriously about family businesses, there was no such thing as a family business field. There were a few prominent consultants

Family Business Groups in India: A Resource-Based View of the Emerging Trends

Following the lead of Habbershon and Williams (1999), this paper uses the resource-based view of firms to understand the strategic responses of nine family groups to the more liberalized environment

Research on Accounting in Family Firms: Past Accomplishments and Future Challenges

Accounting practices in family firms, although displaying evident unique features, have received relatively little attention as distinct from their equivalents in publicly held firms. This may have