25-Hydroxycholesterol activates a cytochrome c release-mediated caspase cascade.

  title={25-Hydroxycholesterol activates a cytochrome c release-mediated caspase cascade.},
  author={Lingling Yang and Michael S. Sinensky},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={278 3},
We have previously shown that 25-hydroxycholesterol (25-OHC) treated CHO-K1 cells could be used as a model to investigate the signaling pathway of apoptosis induced by oxidized LDL in vascular cells. In the present study, we examine the execution phase of the apoptotic pathway in CHO-K1 cell death induced by 25-OHC. Oxysterol-induced apoptosis in CHO-K1 was accompanied by caspase activation and was preceded by mitochondrial cytochrome c release. The addition of a competitive caspase-3 inhibitor… CONTINUE READING


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