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25)心タンポナーデをきたした悪性胸腺腫の1例 : 日本循環器学会第45回北海道地方会

  title={25)心タンポナーデをきたした悪性胸腺腫の1例 : 日本循環器学会第45回北海道地方会},
  author={正文 藤原 and 直樹 舟山 and 聡 登坂 and 俊 羽根田 and 裕久 山下 and 克之 飛世 and 英一 坂井 and 壮吉 小野寺},
  journal={Japanese Circulation Journal-english Edition},
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Sequelae of Kawasaki disease in adolescents and young adults.
A history of antecedent Kawasaki disease should be sought in all young adults who present with acute myocardial infarction or sudden death, andCoronary artery aneurysms and calcification on chest radiography were unusual features in this group of patients. Expand