249. Abdichtung von Pleura-Lunge-Läsionen mittels zusätzlicher Fibrinklebung — Experimentelle Studie

  title={249. Abdichtung von Pleura-Lunge-L{\"a}sionen mittels zus{\"a}tzlicher Fibrinklebung — Experimentelle Studie},
  author={R. T{\"u}rk and J. Weidringer and I. Wriedt-L{\"u}bbe and G. Bl{\"u}mel},
  journal={Langenbecks Archiv f{\"u}r Chirurgie},
SummaryWe made standardized pleura-lung lesions in the right upper lobe of 28 Wistar rats. Then we provided the lesions with running sutures and half of the rats were additionally given fibrinogen (Immuno), thrombin and inhibitors of fibrinolysis (Trasylol, Ugurol). 30 min and 5 days post-operatively we withdrew trachea and both lungs to test the integrity of the sutures by raising the gas pressure. At 30 min post-operatively: suture: $$\mathop x\limits^--$$ 7 = 17.3 mm Hg; suture and gluing… Expand