2454 Retinol Esterification by Rat Liver Microsomes

  title={2454 Retinol Esterification by Rat Liver Microsomes},
  author={A. Catharine},
  • A. Catharine
  • Published 2001
To explore the nature of retinyl ester synthesis by liver microsomes, membranes prepared from rat o r cat liver were incubated under various conditions with [’H] retinol dispersed in dimethyl sulfoxide. When [‘HJretinol, buffer, and microsomes were incubated together (basal conditions), some [‘HJretinol esterification was consistently observed. However, the rate of esterification could be increased 6t o 11-fold by addition of either palmitoyl-CoA (100 PM) or a fatty acyl CoA-generating system… CONTINUE READING

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