23.2: Development of New Ferrite Material for Deflection Yoke Core

  title={23.2: Development of New Ferrite Material for Deflection Yoke Core},
  author={Yasuhiro Masuda and T. Akiyama and Mikio Kitaoka and Shogo Otobe and Hiroki Takei and Munehiro Kitaoka},
  journal={SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers},
Reduction of heat generation is important for deflection yoke design. We developed the simulation technology which calculted heat generation from core loss and copper loss of deflection yoke. AMI using this technolgy. we developed low loss ferrite material for deflection yoke core. It was possible that the temperature falls 3∼5°C in deflection yoke, because the core loss of new material “DS1” decrease below half in comparison with Mg‐Zn ferrite. 
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