2289 - 2292 , December 2 , 1992


Abstrac.__ t. A numerical solution to the 20-moment set of transport equations has been found in order to study subaurora! ionospheric outflows during periods of enhanced perpendicular ion drifts. The numerical model solves the time-dependent 0 + density, momentum, and both the parallel and perpendicular energy and heat flow equations in the 200-6000 km altitude range. Assuming perpendicular d ifts of 3 km/s relative to the neutral atmosphere, we have found that anisotropic heating of 0 + (a result of ion-neutral collisions) leads to a temperature anisotropy, with perpendicular temperatures exceeding 8000 K and parallel temperatures greater than 5000 K (near 200 km altitude). Above approximately 2000 kin, transport processes dominate the effects of collisions and wavelike oscillations in 0 + velocity, temperature and heat flux were noted.

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