22,23-Epoxides of Sitosterol and Related 7-Oxygenated Δ5-Sterols


(22S,23S)-22,23-Epoxysitosterol, (22R,23R)-22,23-epoxysitosterol, (22S, 23S)-22,23-epoxy-7-ketositosterol, (22R,23R)-22,23-epoxy-7-ketositosterol, (22S, 23S)-22,23-epoxy-7α-hydroxysitosterol, (22S,23S)-22,23-epoxy-7β-hydroxysitosterol, and (22R, 23R)-22,23-epoxy-7β-hydroxysitosterol were synthesized. Their 1H and 13C NMR and the mass spectra of their trimethylsilyl derivatives were studied.

DOI: 10.1007/s11171-005-0065-x

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@article{Flegentov20052223EpoxidesOS, title={22,23-Epoxides of Sitosterol and Related 7-Oxygenated Δ5-Sterols}, author={G. Yu. Flegentov and Ya. V. Tkachev and E. A. Piir and Alexandra P Pleshkova and Vladimir P. Timofeev and A. Yu. Misharin}, journal={Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry}, year={2005}, volume={31}, pages={475-481} }