2015 Pirates Dugout Club

  title={2015 Pirates Dugout Club},
  author={Gloria Jones Johnson and Tom Rusk and Kyle R. Crawford and Lisa J A Crawford and Louie Dominguez and Matthew Laverone and Linda A. Wheeler and Ronda Nunes and Barry Leitner and Bobby Fryer and Dave Camara and M. D. Todd and Isaac Canales Quevedo and Angelica Pati{\~n}o Mac{\'i}as and Merrilee Montgomery and Debra Fryer and Donna Vaughn and Janay Rusk and John Benjamin Tatum and Larry M. Leitner and E. B. V. Jefferson and Mary Anne Franks and Shirley A. Montgomery and Marge Freudenthal and Lucas Gonzales and Cecil Parshall and Marge Lucas and Maureen Maddox and Valley Tire and John Alstatt and Christine Quevedo and Samuel Shell and Bob Giampaoli and Maria Cristina Giampaoli and Ingrid Montgomery and Mar{\'i}a Jos{\'e} S{\'a}nchez-Gabriel S{\'a}nchez and Robert Steves and Sandra Reeder and Manuel Eduardo Machado and Paula Pierson and John San Miguel and Carla Calix and Macias Lawn and Mary Hackburth},