2013 State of Entrepreneurship Address: 'Financing Entrepreneurial Growth'

  title={2013 State of Entrepreneurship Address: 'Financing Entrepreneurial Growth'},
  author={Tom A. Alberg and A. Bogan and Harold S. Bradley and R. Cooter and Monika Gruter Cheney and O. Goodenough and William R. Hambrecht and Frank Hatheway and Thomas Hellmann and M. Hudson and J. Konczal and J. Lerner and R. Litan and D. Mulcahy and Ramana Nanda and Frank Partnoy and Joseph W. Ratterman and Naval Ravikant and J. Ritter and A. Robb and D. Robinson and A. Schrager and Barry E. Silbert and E. Sirri and Dane Stangler and Sharon Vosmek},
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Despite recent innovations in entrepreneurial finance, particularly at the early stage of business creation, many new and young companies continue to face hurdles to acquire capital.The Kauffman Foundation addressed current challenges and opportunities in financing entrepreneurial growth, a key driver of job creation and economic expansion, at its fourth annual State of Entrepreneurship Address on February 5, 2013. The event featured remarks from Small Business Administrator Karen Mills, U.S… Expand
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At the same time, loans of more than $1 million rose from 2010 to 2011, back to pre-recession levels. Victoria Williams, Small Business Lending in the United States
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