author={Pramodita Sharma},
  journal={Family Business Review},
  pages={5 - 9}
2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the Family Business Review (FBR). This milestone was celebrated with two special issues. The March issue carried articles that provided an overview of the field and its projected future (Sharma, Chrisman, & Gersick, 2012), and the September issue presented articles that illustrate the underutilized methods to assess the performance of privately held family enterprises on multiple dimensions (Sharma & Carney, 2012). The June and December issues complemented… Expand
Issues in Gender Diversity and Equality in the UK
The results show a clear need for prominent role models, mentoring, and promoting engagement of women in STEM subjects from an early age, along with recommendations for STEM and computing fields in order to increase female numbers in their programs. Expand
Embedded Corporate Values: : Case Study Firstbeat Technologies Oy
The shared values of a company are often explicated in the organization’s mission and vision statements. However, these values are sometimes designed to promote the firm rather than being a result ofExpand
Combination of ANP and DEMATEL techniques for ranking insurance organizations based on electronic readiness
Activities of insurance, like other work fields, have been greatly influences by new technologies; therefore, they must be at the suitable level of electronic readiness to provide more effectiveExpand
REDD+ achievements and challenges in Brazil
• This Infobrief examines and discusses REDD+ achievements and challenges in Brazil for the period 2015–2019, reflecting the opinions of relevant actors within the REDD+ policy domain in the country.Expand
Venture Capitalists’ Investment Selection Criteria in CEE Countries and Russia
This article deals with findings of a survey in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) and Russian venture capital markets. The main aim of this study is to explore the following issues: WhichExpand
Maximizing the benefits of learning and knowledge management to tackle the sanitation challenge in India
In 2012, India launched the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan – NBA – Clean India Campaign, which was adapted from the national Total Sanitation Campaign (1999-2012), the world’s largest sanitation intervention.Expand
Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria : A Study of the Petroleum Industry and the Niger Delta Area
Organizations gain social license to operate in a given neighborhood, thus the government of Nigeria, her agencies and the multi-nationals make use of and exploit the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria.Expand
e-ISSN 2710-5946 Halal Journal – No.3/2019 ISSN 1394-4428
The aim of this study is to investigate the influence of halal practices on organizational performance among the halal food industries (Small and Medium Enterprises — SMEs) in Malaysia. In thisExpand
This paper aims to analyse the ordering of Technology Transfer Offices’ (TTO) positions regarding innovation indicators using multicriteria analysis as a tool. The purpose is to identify and analyseExpand
Investigating whether environmental legislation promotes green investment practices in Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed companies
This paper discusses a broadened perspective of where gaps in prior studies exist with regard to the association involving environmental legislation and green investment practices. The study used aExpand


25 Years of Family Business Review
Since its launch in 1988, the Family Business Review (FBR) has played an integral role in the establishment and development of the field of family business studies. This field is distinguished fromExpand
What Constitutes a Theoretical Contribution in Family Business?
Note From Associate Editor, Trish Reay: Since moving into the Family Business Review (FBR) associate editor position about 18 months ago, I found that I was consistently referring authors to DaveExpand
The practice-driven evolution of family business education
Abstract Starting from Calder's dissertation in the early fifties, key developments in family business education are presented in a 130-item chronology. The emergence of the field is tracked to theExpand
The Distinctiveness, Design, and Direction of Family Business Research
In this article, the authors contribute to the 25th anniversary edition of Family Business Review by gleaning from a coterie of six established scholars insights related to the distinctive nature ofExpand
The Landscape of Family Business Outcomes
To promote theoretical development in family business research, this research identified 327 dependent/outcome variables used in 257 empirical family business studies in 1998-2009. In four studies,Expand
Charting the Future of Family Business Research
The authors provide insights concerning the current state of family business research through a survey that included input from more than 80 family business scholars. Findings suggest two generalExpand
“That’s Interesting!” in Family Business Research
Social science research on family businesses surely should be attracting a great deal of attention today, perhaps even occupying a central role in research on economies, institutions, andExpand
Strengthening Your Literature Review
All articles, whether they are conceptual or empirical, contain a literature review. Knowledge is accumulated incrementally in scholarly fields, and a literature review is a key element in thisExpand
Advancing Family Business Research Through Narrative Analysis
Despite advances in family business research, the field would benefit from greater methodological rigor. However, rigor does not mean convergence of methodologies. In this article, the authors adoptExpand
Why Can’t a Family Business Be More Like a Nonfamily Business?
The authors survey arguments that family firms should behave more like nonfamily firms and “professionalize.” Despite the apparent advantages of this transition, many family firms fail to do so or doExpand