2010 NAPS Presidential Address: "Fleeing the Uxorious Kingdom": Augustine's Queer Theology of Marriage

  title={2010 NAPS Presidential Address: "Fleeing the Uxorious Kingdom": Augustine's Queer Theology of Marriage},
  author={Virginia Burrus},
  journal={Journal of Early Christian Studies},
  pages={1 - 20}
  • V. Burrus
  • Published 30 March 2011
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  • Journal of Early Christian Studies
Might attending to the texture of bodies in Augustine's theology of marriage open up new interpretive possibilities? Eve Kosofky Sedgwick and Patricia Cox Miller give theoretical cues, Danuta Shanzer philological ones, for a dialogical reading of On the Good of Marriage and Confessions that seeks to defamiliarize, complicate, and broaden—in several senses, to queer—traditional interpretations of Augustinian marital theology. Shame and vulnerability, fear and desire, pain and pleasure, are all… 
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