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2002 Performance / Price Sort and PennySort

  title={2002 Performance / Price Sort and PennySort},
  author={Peng Liu and Yao Shi and Li Zhang and Xiaoge Wang and Tiankuo Wang and ZunChong Tian},
Sort Benchmark 1 is a set of world 's records that evaluate the progress that computer technology has been making on transaction processing. In the various sort benchmarks, the PennySort and Performance / Price Sort were defined to test the maximum cost efficiency of sort machines. Our program, THSort, is a two passes external sort program designed to exploit the potential of inexpensive general machines. Runs on our customized computer, THSort is able to sort 9.8 GB data 2 (105,000,000 records… 
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psort, yet another fast stable sorting software
The internals of psort are detailed, and the careful fitting of its architecture to the structure of modern PC-class platforms, allowing it to outperform state-of-the-art sorting software such as STXXL sort.


Performance / Price Sort and PennySort
This paper documents this and proposes that the PennySort benchmark be revised to Performance/Price sort: a simple GB/$ sort metric based on a two-pass external sort.