20.5 A Sub-pA ΔΣ Current Amplifier for Single-Molecule Nanosensors

  title={20.5 A Sub-pA ΔΣ Current Amplifier for Single-Molecule Nanosensors},
  author={Marco Bennati and Federico Thei and Michele Rossi and Marco Crescentini and Gennaro D'Avino and Andrea Baschirotto and Marco Tartagni},
  journal={2009 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference - Digest of Technical Papers},
Current readout has been a known technique since the inception of electronic sensors and is widely used, for example, in radiation detectors, impedance spectroscopy, and mechanical sensors. Recently, new challenges have emerged for current sensing in the upcoming era of nanosensors. Nanowires, carbon nanotubes and nanopores are emerging devices that have been proven to be effective in sensing ultra-low concentrations of target molecules [1]. For those devices, current sensing becomes… CONTINUE READING
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