20 years of research on Arctic and Indigenous cultures in Nordic tourism: a review and future research agenda

  title={20 years of research on Arctic and Indigenous cultures in Nordic tourism: a review and future research agenda},
  author={Carina Ren and Gunnar Th{\'o}r J{\'o}hannesson and Britt Kramvig and Albina Pashkevich and Emily H{\"o}ckert},
  journal={Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism},
  pages={111 - 121}
ABSTRACT Through a critical reading of previous research, this article explores local and indigenous cultures in the context of Nordic Arctic tourism and how its consequences have been researched in Nordic tourism research. We show that experiences with, practices of and controversies over the representation and presence (or absence) of local and indigenous culture in tourism take on very many different meanings and shapes across the Nordic Arctic. This, we argue, calls for situated and… Expand
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Johannesson, G. T., Ren, C., & van der Duim, R. (Eds.) (2015) Tourism Encounters and Controversies: Ontological Politics of Tourism Development. Ashgate. 260 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4724-2436-5.Many tourismExpand
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