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2 Description of Spinor Fields in the Clifford Bundle

  title={2 Description of Spinor Fields in the Clifford Bundle},
  author={E. Capelas De Oliveira and Waldyr Alves Jr. Rodrigues and J. Jr. Vaz},
In this paper we recall that by construction Elko spinor fields of λ and ρ types satisfy a coupled system of first order partial differential equations (csfopde) that once interacted leads to Klein-Gordon equations for the λ and ρ type fields. Since the csfopde is the basic one and since the KleinGordon equations for λ and ρ possess solutions that are not solutions of the csfopde for λ and ρ we infer that it is legitimate to attribute to those fields mass dimension 3/2 (as is the case of Dirac… 


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